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I had to work in advance, yes I am a guy, in proof: I picked it up, showed it: pause: in trouble.
The men are pretty sober, comes up second, move aside.
It looks like the guys are peaceful, but a little dumbfounded.

One of them opens a bottle of vodka, and gives it to the first one.
We drink beer and all silently, as deaf and dumb.
I’m afraid of the pitching, the second is easier to look at, and he is dressed heavily at home in slapping and short shorts.
Both are shaved, judging by the tan, still at the beginning of the summer, and this is what suits them.
The first one dressed flawlessly, it seems, just arrived: to the first one? To defuse a situation, I take a risk – I touch the second one.
Nothing, normally, will not be beaten, and why should I spend vodka on me, but I will have to work! Blakemyers chaturbate web cams.

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