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I felt the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of her thighs and her vagina.
I willingly believe that she more than knew how to love joys.
And nevertheless approaching the next orgasm, I seized the initiative from her tender hands resting on my shoulders.

Lotus did not mind when I began to lift her a little faster for her ass and again sit on my penis.
In agreement with my wishes, she willingly substituted herself for the blows of my cock.
Faster, a little faster.
I pulled her by the buttocks to me and finished again, just as violently as the first time.
The lotus trembled, clinging its slim body to me, rubbing hard nipples on my chest, wet with sweat.
We sat in this position for a couple of minutes, without opening our arms, then I released her ass, the elf stood up, slid off me, sat on one thigh, pressing the legs in her knees.
I advanced, climbing onto the bed completely, and leaned back against the wall.
– How are you, commander? – Dark asked.
“Good,” I replied, and seeing the slight distrust in her look, he added, “Just

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twice without a break, this is a bit tedious.”
– Do you think you will not be enough for just one more time, commander? – She asked playfully.

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Before answering, I carefully looked at her, at her breasts swaying to the breath, at the upturned, still firm nipples, invitingly dispersed sex lips, along which my seed slowly flowed.
The response from the bottom of the abdomen came immediately.
“Why not enough,” I grinned.
Lotus smiled at her immaculate smile of the temptress and began to descend, saying with a playful chuckle: “Perhaps I will help you to recover, commander.”
I had no desire to stop her.
The servants took the dick reluctantly in the mouth, but I was afraid of the slave women to trust my irreplaceable boyfriend.
And Lotus herself was leaning toward my body, gently playing with his fingers, kissing the head, and when my penis rose and hardened, the elf’s lips closed around him, squeezed into a tight little ring and slid up and down.
I got stuck watching how the head of the Lotus moves rhythmically, how its long ears fall down and stretch in synchrony with it.
Dark helped my cock to take full readiness for about five minutes, on the last movement of the head from the bottom up, it generously covered my core with saliva along the entire length.
Sev, she looked me in the eyes and slyly asked: “Do you want to try something new, commander?” For example, what? – I asked, taking the rules of her game.
Instead of answering, Lotus turned her ass to me and climbed on all fours, spreading her knees.
From the view that opened, my cock hardened more than before, although where was it anymore? Taking off my back from the wall, I got on my bed with my knees on the bed and froze somewhat uncertainly. Bongacams token hack password apk.

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