Bongacams veronamoore.

Bongacams veronamoore.
Hair gathered in the tails.
Last they wore long, above the elbow, gloves, to match their outfits.
Well, bitches, hang ourselves.

On my knees and behind me.
Velena entered the room for comfort.
It was dark.
Light the torches.
The women lit 4 torches in the corners of the room and returned to the feet of the Lady.
In the middle of a rather large room there were three slave machines.
In the far left corner in the pads, Andrei was on his knees.
He has not yet come to his senses.
In the right corner in the same position stood Alain.
Knots in her machine.
Women came to Alena, lifted from their knees.
They brought her to the machine.
Laid her back on the log, and her head and hands in the upper part of the machine.
Alena’s head hung down.
Then the pads were removed from her legs, bent and lifted onto the pillars and secured the scabs.
The pose was like a gynecological chair.
Undress her.
With the girls ripped off all the clothes.
Pants leave.
Alena had a beautiful big (smaller than Anfisa) breast with long nipples.
The body of the girl was covered with goosebumps.
She tried to wriggle out, but nothing happened to her.
Velena laughed, seeing pathetic attempts.
Well, bitch, I realized that you can not go anywhere? Will you be an obedient slave? Yes, – barely audible answered Alain.
I do not hear, bitch! Yes Milady.
I will be an obedient bitch.
So, Helen, prepare her holes.
Lick it clean, while this bitch will finish what he started recently.
Velena sat on the crossbar of the machine above Alena’s head, so that her crotch was placed above the mouth of the slave. Bongacams veronamoore.

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