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I see what you like.
Let’s go to the kitchen, help me prepare the food.
Good Natalia! Dinner was almost ready, she was waiting for men from the bath.

Look out the window as the men appear immediately to me.
I realized that she again wants to humiliate me.
I looked out the window, thinking about what she came up with.
About 15 minutes later our husbands appeared.
I immediately went to Natasha.
Get on your knees and kiss the legs.
The men entered the corridor and saw us looking intently.
I am ashamed to kiss Natalia’s leg.
Mashunya thanks me for my choice of clothes and a pleasant time in the shopping center.
Sit down, and you Mashunya can go to the room.
For me it was a real humiliation.
The husband saw Natasha drop me down.
I sat in a chair and wondered what would happen next.
There were tears in her eyes.
After 10 minutes, Natasha came in.
What depressed Mashunya? Natasha was thinking, you so lower me in front of her husband.
Well, friend, this is the usual relationship in the subject.
The husband knows everything, I talked to him.
I etch your pride, accustom you to humiliation from the top.
I do not want to break or tame you, I want you to perceive humiliation with pride.
Not every lower one can take humiliation with pride.
On the contrary, your actions show that you are a strong person, you overcome yourself.
I’m not humiliating you in public, but with understanding people who are also in the subject.
Smile, and then for a sour face you can get on the ass.
She you trawling my face and hugged.
Do not worry, you are strong in spirit, and every day your spirit will grow stronger. Bongo 888 sex live 118.

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