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you forgive for God’s sake, Sergey Leonidovich, do not be angry only with me.
I accidentally, really.
“Her whisper was so exciting, her thin, but at the same time slightly vulgar voice did not give my dick a chance to fall.

“Okay, okay, okay, Natasha, hushed up, forgotten, nothing terrible,” I said in a slightly trembling voice.
Suddenly, I noticed that she had somehow suddenly stopped talking, I involuntarily raised my head and saw where she was looking.
She saw what was going on in my pants.
the pants were sticking out with just a huge tent, the dick had just got out of the pants for a long time, because it hadn’t fit there for a long time, the lubricant flowed like a river.
I already didn’t understand what was going on, she leaned over me again, her okhuitelnaya big breasts rested against my head, and again a whisper.
“Well, Sergey Leonidovich, I am very, very bad, inexperienced girl, I am only 22 years old.
you are so, um
you have this.
suddenly her hand reached out to my pants, closer still.
she continued to whisper something, I did not understand, suddenly she grabbed the cock eagerly through his pants, started dawning on him and the eggs.
“Yes, Sergey Leonidovich, I have to be punished, I’m so sloppy, such a bad girl, I love to suck my dick so much.
big, fat, mmm
pull on his lips.

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mmm, you like them, I see, my mouth has long dreamed that someone’s big cock would take it.
Oh, what a bad girl I am.
“I did not notice how she unbuttoned her fly and went down on her knees.
I grabbed her breasts, boobs and already almost fell out of her blouse, I pulled them out, they were just super! The member stood like a stone, her skirt turned up, I saw her fucked legs in stockings, her bare thighs, gum from stockings, big boobs.
it all turned me on.
She ran the tongue of eggs along the entire length of the trunk and pulled her vulgarly spread lips on my huge dick.
She drove along the trunk to the maximum, as far as she could fit in her mouth (about half in size), then back up.
“Oh my God! This is a member! Mmm.
“she exclaimed.
I grabbed her face, took with both hands, and began to stretch her sticky and weeping mouth on my dick.
“Oh yes, baby, like this, I know you love it, bitch, like this, yes, baby, suck dick, damn it,” I said at that moment.
I was no longer able to restrain my emotions, she moaned slightly, pulling at her breasts, nipples, rubbed them with her palms, weighed down, then she reached out with her hand between her legs and began to caress there.
Her lips were divine, it seemed that of the last forces she pulls her mouth on my huge cock.
But it only seemed like she was getting some inexpressible pleasure from this process, it was clear that she was inexperienced only in office affairs, but not in oral.
How she sucked him.
what she was doing to him, she allowed to do everything, I pulled her hair, then eagerly snapped her tits, then fucked her, holding her head, like the last whore who was fucked.
She moaned, her hand slid ever faster in her pussy.
“Fucking, fucking, fucking, sucking, more, scum, suck, bitch, crush, fucking!”, I yelled.
And it was already a shit, whoever goes down or not, it was all the same if only to fill this bitch with a full sip of sperm. Cam live chat sex.

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