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She was breathing loudly, and patiently enduring an awkward position, of her full, almost fully folded body, looked into my face with bright eyes glittering in the dusk of the bedroom.
Several times I struck a member in the depth of her vulva, feeling as with each stroke, he rests against the tender wall of her uterus.
Oh! Oh! Ltd! – passionately and gently she moaned, entering the taste.

The strongly flattened thighs of her bent legs were so feminine and inimitably enticing that, coming out of her, I began to cover her delightfully full legs with passionate kisses.
Leaning once again above her, I felt like between my legs, tickling my hair, the head of Nina appeared.
She took my penis in her mouth and sucked it gently.
Caressing the girl, I felt an incomparable pleasure, a new very exciting caress, suddenly instantly caused a strong attack of orgasm in me, and I finished right in the girl’s mouth.

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Exhausted, I fell next to Dasha, putting my hands on the pubes of my lovely mistresses.
Their pushing hands at the same time began to caress my penis and gently pull at the scrotum.
Dasha stood up and, bending over me, took my drooping penis in her mouth.

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This caress is able to excite even the dead.
But when two such lovely girls caress you, it is impossible to remain indifferent.
It took only a few seconds, and I was again in full readiness.
Dasha stood up later, turning to me with her delicious backside, with her legs slightly apart, while her friend was holding up my cock in an upright position, she sat on him with her back to me.
I felt on my thighs the exciting fullness and severity of her elastic bottom.
My cock plunged to the ground in the wet, quivering depth of a young girl.
Her tail rhythmically rose and fell in front of my face.
Unable to reach my mouth to these elastic, full hemispheres, I gently caressed them with my hands.
Nina moved to my headboard, and sat on my face, plunging her nose and lips, into her slightly urine-prone sexual organ, which she had just gone to wash.
Grabbing her long, strained clit with my lips, I began to caress him with my tongue and suck, causing painful, passionate moans to the girl.
Her full thighs tightly, painfully, squeezed my head, and her body began to shake the trembling of an orgasm.
She moaned loudly, and I felt her juice pouring into my lips and chin.
Dasha galloping on my penis, screamed loudly, and hurting herself against my hips, huddled in a fit of orgasm.
The girls stood together, and without dressing, went to the bathroom.
Throwing a robe over my shoulders, I went out into the hall.
Having poured a full glass of vodka, with great pleasure I drank, trying to calm down after love games.
They came out of the bathroom, glistening with droplets of moisture, on the skin of elastic, young bodies. Cams sex here.

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