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one of them is releasing pins from her hairstyle.
so long hair is completely dismissed.
They are not far

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from me.

therefore, I continue to sit still.
Now my missus.
making a languid look in my direction enveloped the head of the penis with her painted lips.
let go.
tongue on the trunk.
A little pause.
lets out a tongue from a mouth and the part of its saliva falls on the guy’s member.
how juicy she does it.
To be continued.
– Come to me, – I command.
The husband quickly puts on the second shoe and grabs the doorknob.
– Honey, I’m in a hurry.
– I said come to me, are you deaf? – But I’m in a hurry! -I do not care.
But I-no.
I decide everything here, not you.
-Silence- -Don’t hear ?! Yes, Helen.
He takes off his shoes and comes up to me.
I sit in a bathrobe with legs on the couch and eat an omelet with ham.
Oh, I love how he cooks! The whole room smells of freshly brewed coffee.
I do not hurry.
He just got to work at eight and me at nine.
-Where are you in such a hurry, if it’s only 6:45 right now ??? And you go half an hour? -I need to do business! -You will go at exactly seven thirty! In the meantime, I want you, so take off your clothes and humor me.
-But I can not! I am soon to work! – Shut your mouth, – I break it.
He unzips his fly, pulls on a condom and starts sluggishly fucking me.
At this time, I thrust his finger in the curiosity of his ass.
It accelerates the movement.
A minute later, in his tight passage, there are already three of my fingers, and he quickly fucks me, moaning.

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I finish.
He is in a few seconds.
-And now I fuck you with my new rubber friend from yesterday’s sex shop in the ass.
Clear? He jerks off.
I grease his butt with petroleum jelly and stick a rubber rod.
He screams and I do not understand anything from pain or wild excitement.
I keep fucking him and he screams and screams.
Five minutes later he is all bending and ending.
I look at the time – already seven twenty five! -Come on, it’s time you go! He kisses me on the cheek, dresses quickly and leaves.
I fuck myself with the barrel for another half hour and start to get ready.
I’m already at home.
With me, my girlfriend Masha.
He quickly cooks for us to eat and sits down with us.
Glancing at Masha.
More precisely, on her chest, it is understandable, I asked her to put on an open sweater without a bra, to embarrass him.
Then I deliberately drop the plug, and since it is closer to Mashka, she gets up, bends over with her ass and lifts it.
On it black thong, I see from here.
And, of course, a miniskirt.
A member of her husband gets up through his pants.
He tries to hold his hands.
Half an hour and he runs away to the toilet, like, urgently.
Masha says goodbye and leaves.
I quietly go to him from behind, he does not see me.
He is standing on the neck and sits on my ass trunk.
And furiously tugging dick, ending.
Then I come up and he becomes numb.
-Well, did you like Masha? – Yes, he dodges, – a very interesting person, very cute.
Good friend, I guess.
– I’m not talking about that jerk.
You want her? -No, that you, I only want you, because Thu.
– Shut up, – I interrupt the flow of delirium, – you fuck got up.
“You saw what she was wearing!” Her husband shatters.
-Did you see ?! -So what.
Well, in the morning to get up at five.
I teach cable.
Never again will you look at other people’s breasts and pussies.
Tooolko on mine! And I’m leaving.
He washes, clears the table and comes into the bedroom.
Another two hours of sex is about a dog, anal sex, screaming, blow job and a whole lot more.
Both are exhausted.
and fell asleep. Chat alternative online devochki sex.

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