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For example, everyone knows that it is impossible to breathe under water – without scuba gear.
– But do fish breathe? – Said Savchenko, waving his hand at the shark sailing over us.
“Then I must remember that all my life I was a fish?” – I did not give up, – So, Anna Valentinovna? – You are absolutely right, – Savchenko agreed, – Memory will have to be corrected: to block something, to add something.

The same approach you suggested this morning.
– Hacking information channels? – I clarified.
– Yes, – Anna Valentinovna nodded, – It is logical, – I smiled, – Provided that informational requests are transmitted to memory through a limited number of neural channels.
And of course the response information too.
But this is just a hypothesis.
Savchenko threw me a condescending, mocking look, from which I felt uneasy.
– This is a purely theoretical discussion, Anna Valentinovna? – I asked uncertainly.
Each time, on the way to the pool and back, Anna passed by one always locked door, and the girl was wondering what was behind her.
Most likely, nothing, but wanted to see.
So, noticing that the cleaning lady Jessica left her trolley with buckets unattended, she immediately looked around so that no one could see, grabbed a large bunch of keys hanging on the handle, the keys and ran to look.

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Behind the door was a dark staircase in the old basement.
The floor and walls were covered with dust, as if Jessica had not looked in over the years, but several chains of traces proved that there were people in the room at times.
Further, among the old pipes, another door lurked, through which Anna headed into the opened tunnel with carved stone walls, suggesting ancient ruins.
The corridor was very long, with many turns, but without any branches or forks.
It was impossible to get lost there, and Anna went further.
Until I got to the sunlit beach.
The sea was supposed to be far away, and the girl was surprised that she had covered such a distance so quickly under the ground, and even dodging along a winding corridor.
Moreover, this place was unfamiliar to her, and she did not know how to get back except through the same basement.
Before returning, Anna decided to walk along the beach, in the hope that it would help to navigate.
Since she opened this door, the girl has not been left with a feeling of unreality.
The sun-warmed sand under her feet and the bright sun helped her to relax while walking, and to

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enjoy the amazingly clean untouched nature.
Suddenly, her foot fell into a hole, and the sand around her began to crumble swiftly.
Anna screamed, seeing the tentacles seeming from under him.
Something like a huge ant lion subsided underground until it was woken by the shaking of the soil from its steps. Ciklonas2017 bongacam.

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