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Getting up from the couch I saw Natasha have holes in the wallpaper at the same time.
Then I did not see how they fucked her, only heard their moans.
About an hour later, Natalia came in.

I sat on a stool all depressed and humiliated.
Again you sit sad, better to caress me.
Here, no one bothers or distracts.
And I will reward you for your submission.
You wish a golden rain, I could barely endure, I kept for you, and you again dismissed the nurses.
I wish Natalia! I just got bored sitting here when you had fun with the guys there.
Get used to a friend, you yourself chose this role.
She first framed her breasts, all smeared with sperm and pressed it to my face.
Calm down, now only I will deal with you.
Look around me, I want to feel you, your caress of my body.
I slowly began to lick sperm from her breasts.
This is your cum on my chest, bolder.
Give me joy.
Having licked her, I began to sink lower.
Reaching her pussy, she felt that the sperm on her thighs had already begun to dry out.
She pressed my head and moaned slowly.
Then offered to move to the bath.
I agreed.
Gradually, the mood began to rise.
I licked off her genital lips, squatting into the water, and she firmly held my head between my legs, directing my mouth closer to my clit.
She felt her breathing quicker from Natalia, was waiting for the next orgasm.
After 2-3 minutes, everything happened.
She began to shake a bit and then a stream of her urine burst out into my mouth.
The jet was then interrupted, then with a strong pressure was beating in my mouth. Donuts webcam sex.

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