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She tried to put it in my mouth, but the pain in her lips made me gasp.
What a bitch, do not like it, get used to it.
She took out her leg and walked over to my spread legs.

I put my foot on my pussy and began to gently move her foot first, then gradually increasing the weight.
Slut is not accustomed to such caresses, get used to the bitch, you have to stop with one touch of my foot.
She put a big finger in my pussy and began to move slowly.
I began to feel that gradually getting excited by her actions, my fear began to dulled.
About 10 minutes, she kicked my pussy with her foot, sometimes it hurt, but I put up with trying to show her that I liked it.
Removing the leg, she again approached my face.
Thank the creature.
I began to lick my juices off her legs with passion.
After that, you trawled her about my body and went to the closet.
I could not see what she was doing, but I realized that she was taking a toy out of the box.
A minute later she was sitting on my chest, and a strapon rested on my face.
It will be your favorite toy, suck it.
There was a smile on her face when she said these words.
I took the head of the strap-on in my mouth and began to suck.
Then she knocked my lips on the head with the strap-ons off of me.
Now only this member will satisfy you.
You get used to it quickly.
You will pray that they will satisfy you.
With a laugh, she said these words while drooling at him.
Once poisoning spit all over the trunk, she began to lift me onto the bed.
I found myself on the corner of the bed belly down. Father sex online.

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