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But I think it’s time for you to sit on the pot, we chatted for five minutes. ”
Mom let go of her son’s dick, helped him to turn on his back, get out of the crib and again sit down on the pot on the floor.
Immediately after Vasya’s buttocks touched the edges of the pot, a strong stream of water escaped from his sracks, carrying with him pieces of softened feces.

With a whistle came the gases from the intestines, then the boy gradually began to crap himself.
Even after the enema was done, the first portions of feces were squeezed out with difficulty, making no small effort of the child.
When a few hard poops were squeezed out, softer calories followed, which the boy was already easier to handle.
Then from his anus again flowed enema water, which was left in the far corners of the intestine of the boy.
As usual in such cases, the room was filled with a caustic stench, inherent in the old, withered, shut stool.
“Okay, sonny, go ahead, I’ll go to my room.
When you show me, call me, I will take the pot and give you my ass, “said his mother. Free live web cam sex chat.

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