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And it reached for prey.
Tentacles grabbed her legs and began to drag her down on the ground.
The pit opened wide with the throat of a monster that spewed a green cloud of fog.

As soon as she breathed in this gas, Anna, desperately screaming, began

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to cough, and with growing horror she saw her clothes begin to creep apart.
Her blouse was dissolved first, then the bra, and, remaining completely naked, she began to fall into the sand.
The wet inside of an unknown creature swallowed her legs, tentacles rummaged all over her body.
One broke through crawling in front of her panties, piercing the vagina that was draining from the fumes.
The monster did not try to eat it.
Instead, he is.
fucked a girl with his tentacle? Anna, who had already failed to the waist, tried to break free from the embrace of the creature.
Sucking her being was not particularly strong, but persistent, and its tentacles stuck into the girl’s hot, wet pussy.
The tentacle members of the creature filled it, their thin antennae penetrated into the very depths that no human penis could.
Monster fucked his victim, caressing in the most sensitive places and penetrating to the bottom of the pussy juices flowing.

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Anna felt all the growing pleasure, and, desperately resisting, some part of herself wanted the creature to continue to have it.
The monster spewed new portions of green gas into the air, forcing Anna’s excitement to grow stronger.
The girl tried to stay on the surface, confident that the creature would still try to eat it.
She felt that the tentacle inside her branched into several, filling all the cracks and ducts in her body, the other penetrated the ass, the rest curled around the legs.
Not able to resist the growing pleasure, the girl gave up and instantly slipped into a crushing orgasm.
Her uncontrollably writhing and jerking body could not resist the creature steadily tightening it deeper and deeper.
Anna’s hands opened and she quickly slipped into the hole that instantly closed behind her.
The tentacles dragged the girl into the warm gut of the body buried under the sand, and the tightly closed upper plates reliably blocked the opportunity to get out.
The helpless girl inside could only moan when the monster’s tentacles continued to gently fuck her.
A few minutes later, Anna again screamed in orgasm.
And again in a few minutes.
And then again, and again, and again.
Author: Katerina Von Reitenwald If suffering and even pain have any meaning, then it must be that they are still a pleasure to someone.
(Friedrich Nietzsche) PREFACE OF THE TRANSLATOR This wonderful diary was discovered in the archive of the famous writer and thinker of a revolutionary era – Marquis Kinnerstein.
In the years of youth, the marquis found himself the reputation of a libertine and a hunter to women. Free mobile sex cam.

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