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A smile stretched across my face, my grip loosened for a few seconds and repeated.
Your hot breath doused my skin, making goosebumps running down my thighs, I wanted to squeeze out even more emotions from you, more despair mixed with awareness of the role of the thing.
Most of all I would like to hear your words, in which you would talk about how much you want to give me pleasure, and that in that voice you could hear devotion to the last sound.

The rhythm of the heart again let down – the emotions took over the mind.
I began to quickly drive my fingers up and down your dick, enjoying your second stops, sighs, because I myself never for a second stopped driving the clitoris over your soft lips, while receiving the most vivid sensations.
An orgasm filled me up, taking all my strength and instilling fatigue, satisfaction, peace of mind.
The anger was gone, quietly closing the door behind her.
I stretched my legs, and unceremoniously fidgety ass on your face, got out of bed and put on your slippers.
My hair fell over my lower back, I stretched out like a cat, walking naked into the kitchen.
– Bitch, get up, sprawled! Follow me: Like at home, I opened the refrigerator, took out a pack of milk.
My inquisitive eyes immediately began to look for products with the help of which it would be possible to humiliate you.
You knew very well that playing with food was my favorite fetish.
Taking out a carrot, I threw it on the floor and slammed the door of the refrigerator.
– Clean it, slut.

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diligently, I warned.
Wet ass, I sat on the tabletop and spread my legs, began to run my fingers through the air, watching with interest how you do household work, when your dick stands stake and does not want to calm down at all.

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Milk began to flow through the corners of my lips, dripping on my neck, chest: I immediately remembered how I forced you to dip your penis into a glass of milk and then drink: I did a lot of things with you just to make you feel my power and my insignificance in front of me.
You are only a toy: a thing: a sponge for any moisture.
“Get the milk out of my body,” I ordered, after you coped with the previous task.
Your lips gently lay on my neck, tongue picking up a drop of milk.
A cold breeze blew across me.
The discharge rolled over the tips of my fingers, I again felt a keen desire to possess you, to sit.
And the lower your lips went down, the more I went mad.
From the next kiss the nipples became hard and very sensitive.
You kissed your chest from all sides, almost leaving a hickey on it, and I let you enjoy the forms, getting even more excited.
I leaned towards you, fingers digging into your hair and whispering sweetly: – Useless rag: worthless toy: I hate: While my thoughts were begging you: “More: be only mine:” Your tongue began to wind circles around my navel, biting his teeth, leaving wet tracks.
Again the rage burst into my soul, tearing off the veil of tenderness.
My hand grabbed my hair and pulled your lips off my tummy.
With my free hand, I ran my fingernails down my cheek, leaving thin tracks of scratches.
I seemed to tickle your nerves, went through the experience, exposing them.
“You always show your character, your conqueror essence,” I smiled, licking my dry lips.
“But you are only a pathetic slave who will suffer today, for my amusement.”
I jumped off the table, bent you so that your hands rested against the tabletop and without lubrication I started to insert a carrot into your ass, while with my other hand I jerked your cock at a speed like hard sex.
I squeezed the trunk, forced you to lick my palm and again returned to the hot flesh, wanting to bring you to the final.
I was in no hurry with your anus, even though during our communication there was already everything that was possible.
I pushed through neatly, centimeter by centimeter, sometimes take it back and go the distance again. Free sex cam uk.

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