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Just to find the documents. ”
In the ATP, on a wide platform, the Kamaz, Mazy and Zily instituted themselves, among whom stood long-haul truck drivers, smoking, loudly discussing yesterday’s feast at the head of the zavgara.
Seeing Kondraty flying toward them, they laughed loudly.

– You are late, Kulagin, – Kalinkin Genka, driver Maza, with whom Kondraty was always in a “strained” relationship, mockingly screamed.
– The mechanic is looking for you in the morning.
Ha ha ha.
Not paying any attention to Kalinkin, having greeted the men by the hand, Kondraty hurried, right away, to his Kamaz.
Having opened the cabin, he searched for a long time for his “lopatnik” with documents and, realizing that it was useless to search the car, he ran to the head of the office in a closet.
– Great, Kondraty.
You are going to the flight – Misha Kurtsev met him in a friendly way.
– Wow, Zavgar! Yes, what is the flight now, Misha.
I lost the documents.
Did you, by any chance, find it? – Well, here, drank! You, like, normal left yesterday, and before the rest.
I personally, in the morning, cleaned up, put things in order, so to speak, but I did not find any documents.
– Well, that’s it, Khan to me! – grabbed his head Kondraty.
– Okay, I’ll go and report to the mechanic.

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Let me take off the flight.
– Well, it certainly is.
Do not worry about this, – Kurtsev managed to advise, without noticing how a mechanic Serov flew into his office.
– Oh, there you are, Kulagin.
Why are you, until now, did not start the car and run for a ticket to the control room.
You also have to go two hundred miles away – the mechanic has rattled.
“I lost my documents,” Kondraty said through his teeth.
– What! What are you doing, your mother doing, you want to disrupt the flight.
Come on, straight to the director write an explanatory.
As little children, you know, you don’t know how to drink, ”Serov cursed more than before and, turning to the cook, added,“ they organized a party here! With a wave of his hand, Serov left the office of the zavgara and headed towards the administrative building.
Kondraty, having hung his head, trudged behind the mechanic.
All one to one, he thought.
– “Where it is thin, there it is torn”.
In the office of the director, who was on the 2nd floor, Kondratia was already waiting.
The director of the carpool, Astafiev, an elderly man of 55 years old, at first glance seemed like a kind and sympathetic person.
In fact, it was a former communist of the old school, and it was practically impossible to find a common language with him.
Seeing the director entering the office of Kondraty, the director, as if, without noticing him, loudly asked the mechanic, who had time to report the incident to the director.
– How much does he work for us? – Three years with a little, Sergey Petrovich.
“There were comments on his work,” the director sternly asked again.
– By discipline, not without it.
There were delays, fights in the garage, but to disrupt the flight – this was not yet, Sergey Petrovich.
– But, after all, we will not have time to find a replacement for him today.
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, already 2 times – the director swore. Full hd webcam lesbi masturbate anal.

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