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The place of contact of the main jet with the concrete was shifted forward from the elastic crotch.
At the same time, the fountain, under great pressure, hitting the floor, produced a mass of spray.
On the surface of the wide part of the puddle, foamy islands still and swam triumphantly, gradually decreasing.

Olga’s beer urine got loose in foam.
I squatted over a puddle.
“Lord, if they knew what I was doing here! Serious because a peasant is reputed,” I thought sadly.
The next moment I put three fingers in the deepest place puddles.
Fingers felt the gentle warmth reigning inside Olga.
I put my wet fingers to my nose.
Liquid emitted a faint musky smell.
I touched my fingers with my tongue.
To Olgin’s taste, the urine resembled hard water from a village well.
In addition, I clearly felt a light, barely noticeable, salty taste.
The buds of the blonde diligently filtered a loading dose of beer, sending almost distilled water into the bladder and then to the concrete floor.
I did not attempt to cast, although it was something.
The member as a result of all these shocks was like a stone and stood impregnable in the “vertically up” position.
When I went down, my fingers were almost dry.
Pleased Olga was waiting for me here.
She happily began to twitter about something little that interested me at that moment.
We went back to the bench to join the rest of the company.
Dudes by this time have completed another call for a beer and were already quite drunk.
It was time to finish the party, which I announced to others. Gay boy live sex.

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