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Askolt loved to flaunt his manhood, enjoying her shame, but she didn’t know how he was without clothes, and she didn’t even think about it.
Now, looking at undressing Radovan, she wanted to know, to see him all.
She was fascinated by his flexible movements, rolling muscles on his back, broad shoulders.

He did not hesitate, pulled off his pants, revealing narrow strong buttocks, strong legs, covered with thin black hairs.
He bathed, dipping his head in a bucket with water, shook himself like a dog, watered himself, shrieking from the cold.

When the servant handed him a wide linen sheet to dry off, he wrapped himself in it and turned to her, winked conspiratorially.
His chest, too, was covered with dark, curly hairs, going down a narrow path down and hiding under a sheet.
Alessia, blushing like a crayfish, burrowed into bed, caught in her gazing.
“It’s all right, baby, I saw you,” he patted her cheek.
Alessia just closed her eyes tightly, pretending to be asleep.
Radovan did not insist on an answer, quickly got dressed and left.

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For Alessia, who remained alone in his rich bed, began a day that she had never expected.
She had already thrown out of her mind a night conversation with Vernon and his “mistress”, but then a middle-aged woman, tall and beautiful, with a dark red turban on her head entered the room.
Seeing that the girl was not sleeping, she silently bowed, smiled and left, soon returning with buckets of water, from which steam was rising.
Showing gestures, she invited her to wash.
Alessia, unsure whether she was in her position, still did not dare to refuse.
The woman still silently, not paying attention to Alessia’s attempts to talk to her, helped her wash by pouring warm water on her.
When the wash was finished, Alessia was stretched in a thin, elegant bottom shirt and a dark green wool dress — simple but not without grace.
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