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“Believe me, darling, you make everything a thousand times better than Jenny.”
But it is a memory.
You know, this is a memory not only about the flight, but also about Alexey, with whom we shared Jenny’s love,

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and who died saving us all.

That is why Jenny is still standing in their house, in her parents’ bedroom, only her frozen smile, which he likes so much, was usually covered with something like a veil.
Jenny was probably hardly used in their house, because her father had a ball at her mother, she only occasionally wiped the dust from Jenny, but he did not see her ever being put into action.
Once he played alone in the whole house and for some reason ran into his parents’ bedroom.
Yes, he rolled the ball into the half-open door.
In search of the ball, he looked around the room, and then crawled under the bed.
Pulling the ball rolling, he pulled out with him a box with long wires.
He looked at the box for a long time, read the inscriptions at the buttons, until he realized that it was Jenny’s control panel.
In general, he was an obedient boy and a hall that he would hardly be allowed to play with a sex machine, but then his curiosity exceeded all considerations of duty and reverence, he terribly wanted to see what Jenny could do, feel himself instead of his father time of the famous Neptune flight.
He quickly figured out what was happening, hooked Jenny to the console, and the console to the network, and pressed the first button on top, and he climbed onto the bed and began to look.
He saw how an old soulless sex-machine suddenly began to transform, filled with some kind of spiritualization, some slow convulsions passed through the body of the doll, and suddenly she began to slowly, bending and running through the body with a shiver, to undress, taking off all her clothes, detail for detail that was on it.

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And he saw a naked girl’s body, it was the real body of a girl with a full and elastic chest, with long legs, with full hips and a mysterious black triangle at the top, from which the split legs begin.
Interested, he walked over to Jenny and touched her breast.
The skin on her chest was soft and silky, which is probably what girls should be like; he never touched their bare breasts, he had to touch only girls’ hands before.
And even the brown nipple was quite what he supposed it should be for real girls.
And suddenly Jenny raised her hand and laid it on his hand, lying on her chest.
From surprise, he pulled back his hand, and the hand of the sex automat began, in some surprise, to look for his withdrawn hand, moving along his own chest, through the air.
This game seemed funny to him, he touched Jenny’s other breast and pulled back his hand again when her hand fell on his.
So he played with her for a few minutes.
And then he decided to give Jenny his hand to see what would happen.
And Jenny gently clasped his brush on the back side and began to stroke his palm, his stomach, neck.
But then he heard that Mom arrived, and he hastily turned off Jenny, threw on her clothes and jumped out of the bedroom.
For several days he went under the impression of his discovery.
He terribly wanted to play with Jenny, but the case did not seem to be, mother, unfortunately, was at home all the time, leaving only a short time to the nearest shop.
But, finally, the case presented itself.
As before, he turned on Jenny, and as before she began to undress.
He turned on another program at random, Jenny, with a slightly awkward gait, walked over to him, light for ease of observation, on the bed, crouched down in front of him and began to run her hands over his face, neck, chest.
The hands were warm and soft, the touches were kind of quivering.
And he even closed his eyes and imagined that he is the father during the flight, and in his spare time somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn amid black starry sky, he indulges in adult games with Jenny’s sex machine.
When he woke up, he felt that he was lying completely naked.
Jenny, unnoticed by him, took off his shirt and pants, and her hands went all over his body, and he squeezed Jenny’s chest, and she fell silent and clung to him.
He lay so tight in his arms and suddenly let go.
Something seemed strange to him.
He understood.
Her heart didn’t beat, as it beat, she had no breathing, stale breathing, which he suddenly felt in his own chest. Hidden cam dad sex.

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