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They kissed Dasha’s ass and stroked her legs.
The Italian had an erection, and his impressive size penis began to touch Dasha’s cheek.
At some point, he could not resist.

and, clasping her head, without resistance from Dasha, redirected her mouth from a member of Michael to his.
Absently, Dasha looked at the penis holder, who had penetrated her mouth, and with a blissful expression on her face, she began to give a blowjob to a stranger.
There was a feeling that Dasha was not in herself, that she seemed to have been stuffed with drugs, and that she was not aware of what she was doing.
Although it is clear that what is happening gives her great pleasure.
This improvised orgy did not leave other spectators indifferent: some approached Dasha and began to paw her, others engaged in masturbation, others continued to paw and masturbate at the same time.

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Honestly, I was in a kind of prostration, it was all too improbable.
I looked at it as a movie, or rather, as a porn film, where the main character is very similar to your wife, and you dream that your spouse can be in her place.
And I caught myself thinking that, together with other viewers, I stood and masturbate, looking at Dasha.
And she did blowjob to one, then to another, then to some other mulatto.
A fat German at this time thrust her fingers into her vagina, then in the anus, and I saw Dasha podmahivaet him with his booty.
It was all so crazy that I could not stand it and finished.
Moreover, it happened very quickly.
Faster than everyone.
And as it happens according to the “law of meanness”, at that very moment when I finished, we met Dasha’s views, and she smiled.

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It lasted only a moment, and my wife returned to the blowjob, but not her, but I felt myself caught by the hand while doing the shameful act.
I felt bad, I panicked and walked away with quick steps.
Not inventing anything better, I locked myself in my room and began to watch TV.
They showed some crap there, but I didn’t care, since my thoughts were far away from here.
A few hours later the room knocked.
And either with hope or with fear I thought: “Dasha? What will I tell her after she saw me masturbating during her betrayal? ”
He opened the door, and on the threshold was Mikhail, without Dasha: – Hi, I thought that you were here, – he went into the room, – You did a good job, made my task easier.
– Well done?.
– Well yes.
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