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He did not let go.
He continued to hug her, not paying attention to the words and attempts to escape.
He saw her hurt.

And did not let go.
Finally, she stopped struggling and hugged him, giving free rein to sobs.
He stroked her hair, soothed her.
He did not ask for forgiveness, knowing that she did not need it.
He was just there.
I love you, he said, lifting her face by her chin and looking into her tear-stained eyes.
– And I will always be with you.
Do you believe me?

I woke up in a strange and unfamiliar place.
I remember being at a club party.
She danced to the flowing music, drank cocktails and.
I do not remember anything else.
I want to get up, it does not work.
I understand that I am lying on the bed, stretched like a starfish, my limbs are wrapped around silk ribbons tied to the bed.
Stop! I’m naked.
How did I get here? Convulsively trying to remember at least something.
In memory emerges the image of a young, tall man.
He was like a fairy tale.
Irresistible, gorgeous.
From him emanated power and success. Hot naked babes live chat.

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