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He opened his mouth wide, licked his lips with a tongue and, without taking his eyes off Josephine’s face, seductively clasped the head of his “member” with his lips.
Today, she again dreamed of Henry.
Only this time he made love not with her, but with Kati, who during the process looked at Ally and smiled wickedly.

Eileen woke up in her bed with tears in her eyes.
It was dark outside the window: the girl after dinner wanted to take a nap for just an hour, and slept until the very night.
And did not want to sleep.
All last week she read Katy’s letters in the evenings, before going to bed, getting

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carried away by her stories about the count, about the house in which they lived and how they loved each other.
At first, Ellie greedily re-read one letter several times, wanting to enjoy every moment of this romantic story, but soon the letters only began to annoy her.
Especially after she herself walked with a beautiful earl in the garden, accompanied her a couple of times to the city, she had so much fun with him.
This afternoon, in a fit of jealousy, Ellie even threw letters into the fireplace, after which she cried for a long time in her bed and finally fell asleep.
But the letters did not leave her, deciding to continue the torture even in a dream.
– Not.
Katty left, and here I am, with the count! – Ellie told herself firmly, although she really did not know the fate of the mysterious writer, whose last letter was about repentance and about some old church that was far beyond the forest of Goldman’s estate.

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– He loves me! Loves.
In general, she was simply a lonely orphan who came to the estate of the count to earn money for an independent life.
And then I had to leave, as this Katty probably left.
But Ellie did not want to leave.
If the count really loves her, then she will never leave him, will take care of the estate, help him with affairs, give birth to his children.
But does he love her? “He told me yesterday that I was very beautiful,” Ally whispered to herself.
– A couple of days ago, he embraced me when I was scared of a wild dog.
And he saved me from that terrible man, my knight.
And knights always fall in love with their beautiful ladies! Having concluded, Eilen jumped out of bed.
She did not want to hesitate anymore.
She knew what she had to do to make the count become her and only her, so that Katie could no longer stand between them.
Before going to bed, Henry always read in the library, unless, of course, he was going to sleep.
In the memoirs, Ellie flashed that night when the count was splitting furniture in the courtyard.
She should have been terrified, demanded an explanation from him, or simply left this strange place, but Ellie simply pretended that nothing had happened.
“It doesn’t matter, because I love him with all my heart,” she said to herself then, throwing off everything that she could not like in the graph.
The girl put on her most beautiful blue dress with a shameless, as her teacher would put it, neckline.
Gentle silk caressed the skin and seemed weightless.
Ellie also sprinkled perfume with the smell of roses and put her hair in order so as not to appear before a noble gentleman with a crow nest on her head.
After all the preparations, she went in search of a loved one.
Eilen flew into the reading room with a happy smile on her lips, finding Count Goldman reading a weighty volume.
– Ellie? – looked at her astonished graph.
It is worth noting that his eyes carefully ran over the girl’s attire, lingering on a neat neckline.
“Count Goldman,” she curtsied, blushing.
– Please forgive my audacity. Huge boobs cam tube.

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