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And at the same moment, Sasha’s legs began to shake, he was all twitching, frantically ending, spraying semen on the sheet, with a loud moan.
They both went limp, Mikhail frowned with pleasure, feeling Sasha’s anus contract and orgasm.
Sasha had darkened in the eyes of such a violent orgasm, he finished sweetly and intoxicatingly, feeling how big the dick pulsated inside him and completely filled all his gut.

– Oh, Misha, me.
, – only Sashka could whisper.

– Quickly we have something, kid.
In the evening, we repeat.
, – Mikhail took out a wet falling cock from Sasha’s asshole and went to the bathroom.
Sperm dripped from its end to the floor, and flowed out of the anus Sasha on the legs.
She was surprisingly a lot, and in Sasha, and on the sheet.
Sasha lay down on his stomach, trembling with the experienced pleasure, and his whole body weakened.

It is morning.
Until the evening, I did not plan to do anything special, just “minor pranks.”
For starters, I woke Lena by attaching a vibrator to her clitoris.

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She immediately opened her eyes and moved away.
I took off her panties and sent to the toilet.
When she came out, I made her dress them again.
I noticed how easy she did it – not like the first time: now both phallus quickly disappeared in her holes.
As I already said, I was not going to do any sexual executions.
But so that my Lena did not relax, I forced her to vacuum our apartment.
She reluctantly obeyed – she clearly did not want to vacuum the entire apartment with two large dildos in the vagina and anus, but she had no choice either.
She took up work, and I began to observe.
It looked exciting: firstly, Lena’s entire crotch was wet, which indicated her excitement, and secondly, I clearly saw the outlines of two huge rubber members that moved in her when she leaned or straightened back.
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