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But the long-awaited relief never came.
On the contrary, seeing how beautiful Vika looks in her underwear in the rays of the sun, how droplets of lake water glisten on her body, my rod was even stronger.
“Well, why did you get up there? Sucked? “- Vika shouts smiling at me and I do not know what to say to her.

“Let’s get out, or you’ll catch a cold!” She insists and waves her hand to me.
“Now, pokayfuyu still in some water and crawl out!”, – I say in a voice shaking with cold, and I myself curse my physiology.
“But you are an adult boy, why are you ashamed, I know that you are kicking up there, come out! I will not be shocked! ”, – Vika shouts to me, laughing:“ I will turn away! ”.
She turns her back to me, and I begin to crawl out onto the shore.
The body receives the long-awaited warmth, and the rays of the sun quickly begin to warm it.
But before I could get out and knee-deep as Witka, that devil turned around and looked at me.
My underpants were very bulging, the excited organ pulled the tissue to a good 15 centimeters from the body, so that part of the gum moved away from the abdomen from the front.
There was no reason to hide behind, and even opportunities.

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I had to dutifully go out, allowing the girl to consider my attitude indicator to her.
“Wow! Yes, I look worried! ”- Vick joked, but in her eyes and voice there was more than some surprise and a bit of regret.
“Sorry! He himself! I’m not on purpose! Just you are so sexy, and I have so long.
“, – I began to apologize, but Vika stopped my attempts:” Yes, everything is fine! I understand! Run, come back! You can run then? ”And slyly looking at me, she ran along the path.
I rushed after him, trying not to fall behind.
Whatever it was, but this incident brought us even closer together and already at our next meeting, Vika shared her personal experiences with me.
She told me about her childhood, about her first love, about how she met her current husband, about the problems that now exist in their family life.

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vodka ruins everything! When he is sober, then there is no better man and husband in the world, I am almost absolutely happy, but as my eyes fly, it seems I am ready to kill him, so I hate him.
I am afraid that I am beginning to forget how good he is, because more and more often I see him drunk, ”probably every wife of an officer in this town could say the same thing.
I really felt sorry for Vika, this is a charming girl, full of energy and strength.
“You said yesterday that you have not had a girlfriend for a long time.
How long ago, how much? ”, – for some reason, without a smile and a sly squint, which is customary for her, Vika asked.
“I’m certainly not going to say it, but for more than half a year, it seems, I was in the hospital for the final time, with a very charming doctor!” I replied, I feel that Vika asked this not just for the sake of curiosity.
“And I have a year, you know !? Indian teen webcam nude.

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