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Once a week, Dr. Mugler, a specialist in shameful and female diseases, visited the house.
So Sasha’s friends were not afraid to pick up some infection.
By the night the rooms were already full of fun.

Non-dates were upstairs, couples were getting up there every now and then.
The rooms were connected to each other by doors, and if someone came to mind to unite, then Zhenkin’s room was the best place for that.

Annie – although she lost her innocence, she didn’t move away from the damn girl.
The mind of mind was recruited.
Most of all became friends with Yuri and Zhenka.
Those and adapted it to the mine-mining.
The second virgin, Varka, went on the way to Zhenkin.
At first, in the women’s fashion, she gave a start to give in front, and as soon as she got the taste, she also started to substitute her ass.
For selected guests in a small nook, Sashenka organized a kind of “syneescope”, at the beginning of this closet served for some guests who, after sorting into the intoxicating spirit, were filled up with a drunken sleep, and it was not possible to deliver them home.

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But after some time, having listened to the stories of our doctor about how he organized the observation of his pupil Galchonkom, the merchant also decided not to lag behind.
Vein papashina, and the merchant witted the young man playing.
He jumped over his mind, decided that it was possible to warm his hands on it.
All sorts of guests to visit him.
One day the police officer himself complained, chatted about this and that.
Fifty ruble banknotes, as if Sasha had purposely left it on the table, twisted it in and out between fingers, as if in a case, and sent it into his trouser pocket.
He asked only if there were any rogues from the Varnaks who swear at the Tsar’s father.
Here Sasha honestly answered, as if in spirit, they say, no, and they do not enter, and if anyone declares, he will inform you of that hour.
Likekriss bongacams.

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