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I thought that this was also a good way to earn Ilyushka silence.
Although the devil knows what happened here and how they came to this.
Seeing us at the door, Ilya seemed frightened.

Surely thought that the enraged men came to inflict reprisals for the untimely invasion.
He pushed the head of the mother, trying in vain to shove a member into panties.
Aunt Nadia understood this in her own way.
Turning back to him, she stooped, exposing her son vagina.
He, however, did not immediately realize this, continuing to look at us cautiously, until Denis suggested: – Ilyukha, what are you standing at? See, mother waits? Only then he looked at the mother’s ass and uncertainly holding the buttocks, just as uncertainly introduced into her penis.
The first movements resembled careful reconnaissance.
The guy probably suspected some kind of trick, but then, emboldened, he began to confidently fuck his mother.
– Do not worry, Ilyukha, everything is fine! – approvingly smiled approached Egor.
Ilyukha was no longer afraid.
Confidently ramming Aunt Nadino vagina, he seems to have not seen anything, approaching the finish line.
I was ready to swear that he was fucking a woman for the first time.
However, when I could not stand it and shoved a member of the aunt in the lips, he saw it.
He bent over and stretched out his neck, looked at me as I fucked her in the mouth and, it seems, at that moment he finished.
When my aunt swallowed my sperm, it turned out that the three of us remained in the room.
The brothers seem to have returned to Christina.
I went there too.
Ilya went after me.

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What we saw exactly reproduced the moment at which we interrupted.
The wife was again flattened between two male bodies.
Egor below, in the vagina, Denis above, in the anus.
I, as usual, sat down at my place, but Ilya.
He walked along the bed here and there, looking into the face of Kristinkino, covered with a mask of lust, then from behind, bending down and peering at the member moving in her booty Denisov.
His own organ was sticking forward again.
I even envied him, remembering that at his age, his strength recovered quickly.
Aunt Nadia returned to us.
In the water droplets, probably just out of the shower.
– Are you watching? – she approached me.
– Yeah.
Do you remember, Nagy, how it all began? – I sat her on his knees, putting his hand between his thighs and touching the clitoris.
– Yeah.
Then Christina depicted a log.
And now.
Now Kristinka just howled in orgasm, inflaming the guys even more.
And Ilya.
Coming to us, he looked at his mother in the face: – Mom.
And can I.
in the ass? The first word he uttered, stammering, as if afraid of his desire, but he finished the sentence confidently, even with some degree of arrogance.
Probably, the guy realized that for his silence, you can not ask, and demand.
Seen enough boy on Kristinku.
– I guessed.
Aunt did not answer immediately, but turned to me.
I understood that she wants to ask.
– We’ll have to get used, Nagy.
He will regularly fuck you now.
So come on, once allowed.
My aunt sank to the floor, lying on my knees.
I personally smeared her anus.
Ilya was trampling alongside, completely losing interest in Christine.
Especially since the brothers, satisfied, left her alone.
– Can.
– I allowed, smearing a slippery finger on Ilyukhina’s head for last.
A member of the guy immediately broke into the mother’s anus.
The aunt raised her head.
I leaned over to her, hearing the whisper: – Thin.
Not grown yet.
I almost do not feel.
Ilya, this did not prevent vigorously tearing his mother in the ass.
Soon, however, his movements slowed down.
He looked back at the bed with Christine lying down, then again

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, and turned to me: “Can I?”
her too? Insolent.
– Chris, do you want to try with Ilya? – I asked loudly.
My wife looked at us, at mother Ilya fucking in the ass, and barely audibly said: – Come on. Live nude video chat.

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