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Not allowed to sit alone.
“Tell me,” Vika finished.
– Dad, tell me.

– this is my daughter.
– Persuaded.
But not here, but at home.
Since time is late.
There was silence in the villa.
Until reached, sweat.
Since the girls were without bras, the chest was very clearly visible through the soaked top and sundress.
I undressed the fastest and jumped into the pool.
– Khitrets- screamed wife.
Yes, he is well.
He took off his shorts, took off his T-shirt and was ready.
– the daughter threw her five kopecks.
– And we are worse? Victoria, threw off the shoulder straps of a sundress from her shoulders and remained in shorts, took three cans of beer from the refrigerator and jumped towards me.
She emerged, put the beer on the parapet and clung to me.
Nata slowed down a bit.
But then just as quickly freed from the shorts, took off the topic and a little embarrassed me joined us.
I opened beer cans and handed them to the women.
– Now tell me – my wife took a sip of beer.
– You are off to dance, and quietly like a mouse, sitting and drinking a cocktail.
And then I got hooked on a cute little girl and began to make a sucker out of me.
I certainly did not agree with her opinion and sent away.
But she did not leave.
Not offended.
– I.
? – the young women asked in one voice – So she sat beside her.
Then they brought another cocktail.
Then the Thai offered to fuck her.
– Of course, you were stronger than diamond – my wife pulled me up.
“Why would such a man have a narrow-eyed, dark, small prostitute when there is such a miracle as a wife next to him?”

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Cute, slim, with fair skin and able to appease her beloved man.
– Yeah.
Held like a granite rock.
The girls laughed.
– Well, since I lost you from my field of vision, I thought, but what the hell is not joking, while my wife is not around.
The women froze.
– And I went with a secret to the beach.
Turned from the bar to the left, and there is such an inconspicuous shop in the shade of palm trees.
And here, I broke up.
– What did you do? – I did not understand my daughter.
– Well, it showed that capable Russian.
He opened his wide soul, so to speak.
– Taechka at least understand your wide gesture? – asked wife.
– And how.
She just melted.
She sat down on my knees, hugged, began to fidget ass, chirping something in my ear, caressing her lobe with her tongue.
By the way a very soft tongue.
Continue? – Dad, don’t stop.
– You do not jump.
Young women listened to me with interest.
My wife’s chest was somehow rising, and when I accidentally touched her breast, it hit her like a light shock.
Nipples were hard as shells.
– Erzala, it means she was squirming on me with her own ass, and I so wanted to have that ass, you have no idea how.
– Do not pull, dad.
Fucked her? – Well, not immediately, of course.
“You gave her mouth for the beginning,” my wife said in the affirmative.
– Yes.
She herself knelt, pulled out my dick.
By the way, Nata, is it time for you to sleep? Taki talk only for adults.
Natasha struck the water in the palm of the hand and the next moment both her hands pressed against my shoulders and I plunged headlong into the water.
She walked across the hollow between her breasts across her face and lips.
I pushed off from the bottom, I pulled out, grabbed my daughter in an armful, lifted out of the

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water above me and threw up.
She slammed into the water.
Here and Vika helped her and they steamed up to drive me around the pool.
– Everything, – I raised my hands – everything, I give up.
Nat bring another beer from the bar.
– Found a fool.
I will leave, and you will tell Vika.
No, we’ll do without beer. Live sex caught on camera.

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