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The man squeezed her buttocks tightly.
Pushing a member in front resembled a stone pressed into its flesh.
At that moment her patience bowl was overflowing, she came out of her stupor – with a hiss, she freed herself from the tenacious sticky embrace of the man.

– Well, you know! – Polina was choking with indignation.
– It seems to me inappropriate.
“I always succeed,” he said, in his voice obvious self-satisfaction.
– That.
or otherwise.
– In my case, you definitely will not succeed! Barely restraining from not slapping the insolent slap in the face, clenching her fists, she turned sharply on her heels.
The woman with the flaming face, quickly and without looking back, headed towards the corridor, towards the bathroom, trying not to pay attention to the people who had turned on their squabbles.
– What an idiot evening! – he hissed with annoyance through her teeth.
– Just fabulous freak caught this fool Svetka!

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Jester pea with a sick fantasy.
Hiding in the bathroom, she sat down on the side of the bathroom, closed his eyes, and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down.
Then wet her forehead with cold water.
That helped a little.
She tidied herself up a little and relieved her seething anger.
It was a terrible evening, but it’s all over.
Polina was going to hastily leave.
And she was not even going to waste time on calling a taxi by phone, and even more so at parting with the organizers of this entertainment event and familiar guests.
She just quietly slips out of the apartment sidewalk, passes peshechkom to the bus stop and take one of the taxis on duty there.
The night was warm.
The area is quiet.
Of course he was, before their party.
She needed air, space.
For some reason she was completely unsettled.

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It will be on the street and breathe deeply, again she feels confident enough, the girl decided.
When she came out of the bathroom, her heart pounded with surprise, and goosebumps ran down her back.
He waited for her, having met with mockery.
Her hideous tormentor.
What the fuck is going on here? Polina looked at him frowningly with burning eyes and immediately walked past the man, but he blocked the entire passage, leaving only narrow gaps in the space between himself and the walls.
All the people in small groups were having fun and swirling in the rooms, in the hall.
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