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I can see that I was awfully excited.
Katyusha looks at my friend and half-whisper, half-slumping: – Can help him? – I think he will not refuse – I try to laugh it off, but I myself think – Do not let me down! She turns to me and kneels, head right above my dick.
Then he coats, covers it with his lips and swallows inside.

I look at my Katka and I don’t recognize, her hair hangs down with loose tow, mascara flowed on her eyelashes, the top button on a crumpled blouse can be seen to be pulled off, the floors are thrown open, revealing heavily hanging down breasts (by the way, where is her bra? – rushes in her head) .
She with pleasure sucks my wet from her juice and my sperm, tired, soft cock, and I lie, and I think that quite recently, she with this mouth sucked at someone from the peasant who had finished it in her mouth to the same.
And the strangest thing is that this thought starts me off the hook.
I imagine my Katka with a thick dick in my mouth, imagine how this guy grabs her boobs with her hands, presses her head against all her strength, so she almost chokes and then pours her mouth full of sperm.
Then Katya suddenly stops and, with a lustful smile on her face, whispers in a solemn manner: “Well, here he is, ready!” Without waiting for an answer, she deftly sits on me and grabbing my hard trunk in hand, sits down on it with her hot pussy.

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I’m back in paradise! Katka does not like me to disturb her when she is on top, and I just enjoy her movements.
She sets the rhythm herself, moving her hips now to the sides, then back and forth, faster and slower, sharper and deeper.
Her eyes are closed and her face is focused.
I take and tear her scruffy

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blouse to the side, so that the buttons fly away all over the room, and with both hands I grab her sweaty chest.
Katya is leaning forward, as if pressing her breasts in my palms.
She began to move faster and sharper, and I begin to feel the next wave of orgasm.
I try to restrain myself, that I have the strength and remove my hands from her breasts.
Katyusha groans and breathes heavily.
She grabs my hands and puts them on her ass.
I know what to do next, she loves, when in this position, I push her halves apart.
Her elastic halves are firmly pressed in my palms, Katka begins to desperately jump on me, and with her nails she painfully sticks into my shoulders.
Suddenly, a wild roar breaks out of her body, her body falls on me powerlessly, and I begin to sharply move my hips into a rhythm and peck her pussy with the characteristic squish sound.
Katya ends, ends violently and loudly.
She lies on me without moving, all wet and breathing like a pounded horse.
But I did not have time to finish it.
I continue to move the pelvis up and down, my cock slides freely in her wide open and wet pussy.
I try to find a rhythm that will liven up my princess.
I move up sharply and deeply and apparently this “catches” Katka.
She opens her eyes, lips digging into my lips, we begin, passionately and passionately kissing.
With one hand, I grab a half of her ass, and the other firmly squeeze her right breast.
Katya starts moving to the beat.
We are once again a whole and feel every bit of each other. Live streaming video sex.

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