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It seems that I am starting to understand Dima’s attitude to Olga, with what adoration he perceives any of her ideas, every whim.
And it seems that I am beginning to understand how I feel about this girl.
– Igor, do you hear? Igor! – I wondered and did not notice that Marina demanding me was demanding.

– What? “The cinema is over,” the girl said.
– Are you all overslept? “No,” I rose from my seat.
– Just thinking.
– About what? – About whom.
– About whom? – About you.
– True? – True.
– Great! – for some reason, Marina was delighted and no longer asked questions.
After the cinema, we headed to a cozy Italian restaurant.
They talked about nothing – they discussed the film, the weather, the clothes.
Marina chirped with Olga at ease, and I saw that they both liked it.

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Dima also easily accepted Marina into the campaign and talked to her as if they had known each other for many years.
The initial stiffness disappeared and Marina, unexpectedly, proved to be a clever and erudite interlocutor.
She turned out to be well versed in classical literature and can even quote some famous authors with ease.
He loves French cinema, with great enthusiasm tells interesting facts about a particular picture.
I made another discovery when the ordered dishes were brought to us.
Olga ate in small pieces, chewing food and squeezing juice, and Marina.
Marina diligently imitated her new friend, even her posture was straightened, her speech became even and correct.
It more than suited me.
Olga is a smart and independent girl, she definitely won’t teach Marina badly, but she will easily become a good friend and role model.

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“This is amazing,” Olga reasoned out loud, enjoying the sweet dessert.
She addressed, above all, to Marina.
– Igor so easily let you into the apartment, that I am amazed! He never invited me at all.
But I was asking for it! But no, there he has a personal space, can you imagine? Even Dimka was visiting him only once, when he helped bring furniture in.
– It so happened – Marina was completely consumed with ice cream.
“This is interesting to me,” Olga continued.
– What does he have there? How’s the decor? – Well.
– Marina thought honestly.
– The bed is there.
and a chair.
“Why a bed and a chair?” – Olga was surprised.
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