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Once I decided to jump on a rope, which I adored as a child.
I began to jump, forgetting that as a child I didn’t have such weights, they jumped until they jumped out of the bussalter.
– Can I help you? – the fitness trainer came up, eating my eyes from my melon jerseys.

Everyone who was in the hall was grinning obscenely.
In general, all the men who were engaged there simply

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ate me with their eyes and made all sorts of jokes about my buffers.
Of course, besides my famous udder, which magnified the eyes of men, I was still excited every morning and evening, squeezed, sucked and milked my chest, and then sent home not fucked.
I walked like an emaciated bitch, I wanted to shout like a cat, so I wanted to feel in myself a living male member, and not an artificial faloimic tucked with my own hands.
But I could not bring myself to fuck with just anyone.
I could get horny.
from the touch of a man to whom I want to surrender and belong.
I would agree on a relationship with Seregoy, I was ready at any moment to feel his cock in myself, well, the chief worried me, surprised me, I was afraid of him and hated his wife.
I could not understand myself, what is it? I’m not in love? Not.
Then what kind of feelings do I have for him? But gradually our relationship with the chef moved forward.
Late one evening, as usual, I entered his office with a cup of coffee and bare boobs waving from every step.
He talked on the phone, drank coffee with milk from my boobs, played with them; now he liked to nibble them, slap them with force and watch them sway, then he caught their teeth, took my tits with both hands and put milk in his mouth.

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The owner put a bowl under me and began, as usual, to milk me with two hands, first one boob, then the other.
Then both, taking the nipples with his fingers, took turns to pull them down.
He milked me like a cow, milk flowed like this.
The chief became the first-class milkmaid of the female udder.
I, as always, got wet, how I wanted him! But I knew that the milking was about to end and, as always, I would be sent home.
But, unexpectedly, the Boss asked him to bring him another cup of coffee.
I went.
He dipped my nipple into a cup of hot coffee and began to suck it.
I screamed.
“Sorry,” he said, but he immediately dipped the other nipple into the coffee — so that none of your boobs would hurt.
The owner began to alternately lower the nipples in the coffee and suck them.
“Coffee with female milk, what a delicious,” he said.
The owner looked into my eyes and from the corner of my eye I saw his pants swell.
– And can I ?.
– What? I showed my eyes down.
– Can I touch at least? “Really, I said that? Now he will drive me away ”- I thought, frightened, but he suddenly answered: – Yes.
I touched my swollen trousers with my hand.
The owner closed his eyes, it was clear that he liked my touch, I decided to go further and tried to unzip my pants.
Suddenly he abruptly dropped my hand.
– What’s wrong? – I whispered.
“I don’t know,” he wondered, “or rather I know, but I’m afraid.”
– What? – I asked.
– Do you want to see my dick? – he asked.
– Yes.
What did he think? Yes, I do not just want to see him, I would like a lot of things that he would do to them! I spend my nights terebling my poor clit, sticking a faloimitator in my vagina and dreaming that it was his member, or Seryoga, which is to say lies, I also wanted to Seryoga.
But at least I saw his farm, but the Boss.
It is very interesting what his dick is, judging by the bulge in the pants area, it’s very personal.
– Put your hands behind your back and turn your back to me.
I clasped my hands, turned my back on him, felt the cold of the metal and heard the sound of snap handcuffs.
The owner put handcuffs on my wrists and fastened them.
“Turn around and kneel in front of me,” said the Boss.
I could not kneel because of the dress code of his company – narrow skirt. Livejasmin last.

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