Lorraine bongacams.

Lorraine bongacams.
You look, and would meet.
Me not.
I am aware of how plain I am.

What is called a gray mouse.
Such as she herself will not look at me.

And then, with all the richness of fantasy, I am extremely closed.
I can’t even imagine what I would talk to her about, even if I decided to engage in this conversation that had been doomed to failure.
And the fear of the possible – yes, what is there, guaranteed – with failure, twists my brains even tighter, squeezing the remnants of common sense out of them and peculiar to my gender and age of pressure.
In short, no chance.
I have something simpler, the same gray and inconspicuous, like myself.
Now, if I could tell her all that I think about her.
As I would like to hug her, press her tightly to myself, so that I can feel her whole body with my body, from head to toe.
How I would like to kiss her – first chastely, in a tender neck, then bolder – on the cheek, and then – on the lips, or rather, even in the mouth, so that the tongues are intertwined in a French kiss! How I would like to kiss and suck her breasts.

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Release them from the captivity of the lace bra.
Selflessly, until the frenzy, I would have excited her nipples with my lips, then biting them slightly.
Then the tummy.
Nice tummy with a charming navel in the middle.
Kisses and touches hands – a little.
Walk the tip of the tongue along it, walk to this little depression and launch the tongue there.
Yes, lick her navel.
What’s wrong with that? Did you yourself think about anything like that? Not? So you are not a man (maybe a woman? Then, anyway, think how nice you could be from this).
The back – by itself.
Cuddle, slightly crushing her skin, so that she could better feel the masculine power in my hands.
Soft, supple buttocks, two ripe fruit ripened on this tree of life.
Lorraine bongacams.

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