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In the mouth or in the pi.
Volodya spit her like a doll: lay on her back, on her stomach, on her left side, on her right, kiss her ear, nose, breast, tummy, ass, pipka, everywhere.
But it was impossible to break away from “the whole coil”, since it was necessary to sleep every night.

Work is work.
The business trip came to an end, when at night, in bed, when she had finished, Natalya asked: “Why do you never try to take me in the ass?” – The fact is that I have never had anal sex.
– That’s how.
In porn movies and on the Internet, many want just that.
Do you sometimes read gizmos in electronic libraries? For example, on the stool.
Not? There’s even a category there: “And in the ass better.”
“I don’t know if it’s better or not better, but I’m never anyone.”
In the ass.
– Why am I interested? Our business is coming to an end.
When we return from it, it will be necessary to figure out how we should meet.
The thing is, I have a boyfriend now.
I’m not going to break up with him, at least for now.
He dreams of fucking me in the ass.
I am afraid, he is very big.
And you, I noticed, suitable.
At least I think so.

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So, I understand that you are not going to marry me.
My marriage plans are also not included.
I have a request for you: Be a friend, fuck me in the ass! And I will bring you to our house for this.
Will you be the third? Why? What is it? Two men will have one chick.
When the chick doesn’t mind, it’s not bad, is it? I’m a chick, huh? – Somewhat unexpected offer.
You are not a chick.
Chick – it is always ready for sex being.
Since you have a regular boyfriend, you can be considered married.

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rather call you madam.
Well, about the “Swedish family” (although I recently read somewhere that it is absolutely unfair to the Swedes, they are not supporters of tripartite unions) I will think about it, there is time.
And to fulfill your request, madam, I am ready.
If a lady asks to fake her in the ass, her request must be respected.
I will even forget that I never did it.
Did you prepare the lubricant? – Yes, that, found in the local sex shop.
Anal lubricant “Instead of dill.”
Ha, with humor! “# Uh you in the ass instead of dill!”.
I read “Apply immediately before sex on the penis, or lubricate the anus.
Does not reduce sensitivity. ”
– I know, I know! “Do not eat.
Do not use for oral sex.
Keep out of the reach of children. ”
Ha ha ha! – Hee hee hee! Okay, I’ll go, pop in, and wash up.
And then I’m afraid that if you do not popys, then piss off when you stick me behind.
– Go.
When Natasha returned after the procedures, she restored Volodya’s riser, and they applied cream lubricant for greater reliability to both the penis and the anus.
Member entered only the third time, I had to wipe with a towel, re-masturbate, re-apply. Mother sex real video smotret online.

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