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of course! Valera hastily rushed to her knees in front of her boss and crouched on her cunt with her lips.
The pose was terribly uncomfortable, but the opportunity to get between the legs of this sexy woman even with the language paid for all the inconveniences.

For a while, Valery tried to clearly follow the instructions of his boss: Sosite lips.
Walk on the clitoris.
Fuck my tongue.
After each instruction, Irina Vladimirovna thought a little, sorting out possible options.
In the end, Valera, from the excess of feelings that he felt for this gorgeous woman, began to slightly bite the tender flesh.
His boss froze, listening to her feelings, and then restrainedly praised: Well, well, Valery, a reasonable initiative is a good quality of a subordinate.
However, I hope that your member will not think for you, and your initiatives will remain reasonable.
The words barely made their way into Valera’s mind, he was too busy satisfying the boss’s wet pussy.
The phone rang again, and again Irina Vladimirovna pushed her subordinate away.
Take a short break.
She got up, picked up the phone: Yes.
Well, now I will look.
Pressing the call, the woman pointed Valeria to her chair: Continue, Valery.
Sit down.
Valera fulfilled the instructions, still embarrassed by his exasperated member and how he is treated in a businesslike manner.
Slightly move forward, – Irina Vladimirovna commanded.
Her kind of inexorably attracted the eyes of men – a cold look behind the gleaming glasses, the perfect makeup, a strict hairstyle. Naked women webcam.

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