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She had a wedding ring, and with this hand she helped him, pushing her smeared gap.
I could not stand it.
I am disappointed.

I was disappointed in my wife.
I wanted to kick them out and take the ring from her.
But I don’t know, but I realized that I was pulling my cock out of my pants.
I have never stood so hard yet! I loved to look at Marina naked, she was always so beautiful with a light make-up, with a neat collected hairstyle upstairs in a ball, with a smooth bang to the side, with a pink shiny lipstick, but my dick did not rise so high.
And now she was all fucked! I could not even think that my neat wife could be so dirty with her hair loose and

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dangling tits! This bastard and my wife, with his finger in their pussy, saw me slowly touching my head and quickly changed position.
His huischa rose as soon as he bent down my wife on his knees.
His hands parted her buttocks and he licked his tongue there.
Even relish sucked her hole.
I never thought that this can be done, but such freaks do not disdain anything.
He attached himself to her ass and began to stick his cock.
At the same time dropping a strip of saliva down.
My wife screamed, but then purred from pleasure.
Her hand with a ring squeezed bed linen, and he quickly fucked her in the ass.
His dick was long and fat, in the Marina he drove it entirely.
Blonde is your wife – said bald, but I did not understand what he is for? Probably just loved to stare such beautiful blondes? And she was more beautiful than any other.
Exactly she was very beautiful and I was afraid to touch her once again, and here this fat freak fucked her like he wanted in the ass, squeezed her boobs, pulled her hair and squeezed her buttocks! I started to quickly jerk off.

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It was disgusting inside me that some man was fucking my wife right in the ass, that she had cummed from him, that she had sperm in her hole, that she was cheating on me and would never be true again, but I immediately felt that never excited! My brain burned in my head.
It was so drunk and bitter that I just jerked to the pain, squeezing my fingers on the reddened cock, chasing the skin far up and pushing it down, feeling pain.
I finished it in my hand, but I spilled it on trousers and boots.
And on the carpet, for which he paid a lot of money from his salary and vacation pay last year.
This goat fucked her for a long time.
He was rude and already cursed.
Then he clenched his jaw with yellow teeth and finished.
He sweaty let go of my relaxed wife.
She fell face down and bang started to rise from her breath.
This freak grabbed her hair and opened her face to kiss her loudly.
I already have the whole ass hurts.
You almost exhausted me to death – she said and put her hands under her head to immediately fall asleep.
You can take.
You have a nice blonde – he said and got out of bed to go into the corridor with his scattered clothes.
He walked past with a dangling hefty dick smeared with sperm.
I did not do anything.
Even gave way.
When the door hit, I walked over to my sleeping wife.
Her always perfect straight hair was tangled, her back glistened with sweat.
I went sideways and saw her ass with red marks from the hands of that bald goat.
There I gently parted the gap between her buttocks.
She did not feel or was very tired and I saw a changed part there.
Previously, I sometimes did not allow myself to look there to her.
There used to be a small narrow hole, and now a red hole from which flowed stinky thick sperm of that monster like glue for wallpaper.
Downstairs there was a pussy slit with the same sperm and a puddle of linen on the bottom.
I took two fingers to touch this puddle.
And then he began to smell them.
They stank of sperm man and the death of my wife.
My dick surprisingly rose again.
I otdrochil of eggs on my knees to the last drop, sniffing fingers and looking at the stretched red point of his fucked wife.
Then I did not turn off the light in the room sitting on the armchair.
I touched myself soft down and all the time I looked at my wife’s ass until I fell asleep.
In the morning, my wife pretended that she had not cheated on me with that man, but I did not jerk off, seeing them. ”“ I still don’t touch this topic.
She seems to me does not change more.
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