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Prickly: – Are you married? I am new: – Yes.
Prickly: – Children? I am new: – Daughter, six years.
Prickly: – Clearly, what led to this site? I am new: – I myself do not know, boredom, curiosity.

Prickly: – Photo exchange? I am new: – Come on) She wrote me the mail address and I did not hesitate to send my photo, which was depicted posing for the capital in Red Square, where I was on a business trip this spring.
Prickly: – Oh, you are very sweet!))) And is there a more frank photo? I sent you there too.
I am new: – That is? There is a bathing suit on the sea, go? I’ll check.
I opened the letter that came to the e-mail and saw a pretty, fair-haired, plump woman, dressed in a suit consisting of a gray skirt, a white blouse and a jacket, sitting in a chair in some kind of office.
In response, I poisoned my photo, where I was depicted on the beach in Anapa.
I am new: – You are very cute.
I sent you a photo of where I am in a bathing suit.
Prickly: – Thank you, maybe meet? There is a desire? I am new: – I do not know, you can.
Prickly: – Tomorrow, at nineteen exactly work? I am new: – I think I can, but where? Prickly: – Do you know the Trio cafe on the square? I am new: – I’ll find.
Prickly: – Well, then see you.
I am new: – Bye.
I looked at my watch, it was two o’clock in the morning, turned off the computer and went to the bathroom, where I threw off my robe, and got into the bath, washing up, I was thinking about tomorrow’s meeting, I was scared, but so excitingly interesting, I have long noticed that the subject of submission to someone really turns me on, and now I will meet tomorrow, perhaps with my first lady.

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Madam? But why a woman, and not a man? I’m not a lesbian.
But even more interesting.
I did not notice that during deliberation, I rubbed my intense clitoris fiercely, and immediately began to stop: my legs were broken and I had to sit on the bottom of the bath and I was trembling all over for about a minute.
Then I got up, washed away, dried off and, pulling on a clean white panties, lay down in bed.
Kohl immediately hugged me and pulled me to him.
I could not sleep for a long time, but in the end, after tormenting for about an hour, I still fell asleep.
The alarm clock rang exactly at six, I got up, went to the shower, put on a beautiful turquoise set that my husband gave me on March 8th.
Then I wore a flesh-colored tights, a dark blue knee-length skirt, a beige turtleneck, and a blue vest on top.
Then she made coffee and woke Kohl and Dasha.
(Porn stories for everyone) While I was washing and braiding my daughter, Nikolai drank coffee and dressed.
“Honey, I’ll linger today, you don’t lose me, yesterday you met an old girlfriend from your childhood classmates, we agreed to meet with her,” I said.
Nikolai muttered something vaguely and left.
I brought Daria to the kindergarten and went to work.
All day at work I thought about the upcoming meeting.
And finally, the day of the working day ended, as well as the working week ahead of two weekends.
I even arrived at the cafe for twenty minutes, so I took a table and ordered myself an alcoholic cocktail to relieve tension and fear.
Valentine appeared exactly at the appointed time.
– Good evening! – smiling, she sat down opposite.
– Have you been waiting for a long time? – Good evening! – I smiled shyly.
– Not.
She was wearing a long dark dress.
– What are you drinking? “Why, I ordered a cocktail,” I replied.
– You order? “Order it,” Valentina nodded.
I called the waitress and ordered her two cocktails.
At this time, Valentine carefully looked at me.
– I understood correctly that you would like to try yourself as a slave? – Valentine asked me straight, looking me straight

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