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I slipped into the stairwell and pressed my back to the wall, hiding from unnecessary glances, listening to the sounds of the entrance.
The elevator came to life and drove somewhere down.
A fairly muffled music came from somewhere, and suddenly a distant laugh came from below.

My heart was beating in my chest, but I still started to slowly descend, remembering Marina’s story about how she did this.
She herself, however, chose a nine-storey house, and even late in the evening – almost that night, but I was not one of ten timid.
The girl either thought out everything desperately, or actually did it to argue with her friend.
Marina undressed on the ground floor, giving her clothes to her friend, along with that went to the top floor and started to go down.
She told me that she was almost caught when some guy went out for a smoke, and suddenly someone walked to the elevator on the floor above — Marina carefully described to me how she hid behind the refuse chute for five minutes, trying not to even breathe, so that the man would not noticed her.
And when the girl almost got to the ground floor, she was caught by some guy.
However, Marina managed to escape.
The story was very colorful and I very much hoped that some similar adventures would fall to my lot.
And although Marina gave the “order” in the spirit of “would you like to try?”, I nevertheless clearly intended not only to “try”, but also to take a few photos for confirmation.

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I counted the floors, feeling that I had already lost count.
Which one am I now? On the twelfth? Or eleventh? God knows.
I faded every time I heard a sound in the stairwell, completely forgetting to count the floors.
I carefully looked out the stairs.
I saw the number eleven.
Great, the floor below, take a picture! I retreated back to the stairs, hearing the elevator doors parted a couple of floors above.
To be honest, all this scared me great! I, as the last coward, froze from the harsh sounds.
But, on the other hand, the same sounds frantically turned me on – I could easily feel the legs with moisture on my lower lips! Each of these sounds betrayed the close presence of people! People living their lives.
And absolutely not expecting to meet something that is too distracting from the generally accepted concepts.
And from the thought that I, completely naked, go down the stairs of the density
I do not advise reading this to those who are not yet finished gonzo.
My story will appeal only to those whom all already known ideas of relationships (Dominance, Fetish, whip, etc.)
) got and he is looking for a supernova! For those who crave for this revolution!

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Then I was 16 years old, I was finally zadrochen in the literal sense of the word, even normal porn, even pervert did not insert me.
I knew about masturbation, porn and perversions of almost everything.
I suffered because I could not find the next golden bottom of my satisfaction.
Having gone from masturbation to a picture, then to porn, then to fetish, then to BDSM, then to more rigid things, to talk about which the language does not turn, and back, I acquired the highest taste, but it had a downside – not it was in the world of sexual “sweetness” that I liked.
And I came up with the game.
I was lying on the bed with my little laptop, traveling through the pages of LJ, Contact, and My World of different women.
I traveled under the left-hand days.
I chose pretty women between the ages of 27-30 years.
I chose from pretty ones with pretty, slender figures, beautiful feet, which was for me the most important, beautiful strict businessmen. Open sex video live.

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