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And having reached out mentally to the charms of the house keeper, it became clear that the plan has every chance of success.
Harry, according to the spell, was in the toilet, and according to the response of the spell, he was busy with a very piquant affair.
Harry frantically nadrachival his 17 centimeters member.

Retiring in the toilet, he gave vent to his imagination after what he saw.
What thoughts didn’t bother him about Molly.
And the fact that she was actually like his mother excited him even more.
Harry imagined that even Molly, a frantic lover of sex, hardly tried in life.
But so thought Harry, he had no idea what experience he had, with the mother of the family.
I have not yet.
Self-satisfaction with such a background did not last long, after only a couple of minutes, Gary experienced the strongest orgasm in life.
Having plentifully finished and tidied up after himself, he waited for a long time when the member would come to a state of rest.
Finally, leaving the closet, Harry passed through the living room and went into the kitchen.
And taking advantage of the moment that the moth conjured at the stove, slipped back to the back yard.
Again without noticing the gaze, with a smile thrown a moth to his back.
Harry spent the rest of his time flying the broomsticks with Ron, his best friend, and Gini.
The incident was somehow forgotten.
And having heard the call for dinner, all sorts of obscene thoughts disappeared from my head.
But not for long.
Helping to set the table for dinner, and five people ate dinner: Molly, Arthur Weasley, the father of the family, Ron, the youngest, His only sister, Jeanie, And Harry himself.

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Covering the table, Molly walked beside Harry, and since there was not much space in the kitchen, she brushed his head against her vast chest.
Previously, Harry would not have given this value, but given the morning incident, he re-excited, and vulgar thoughts got into my head.
Dinner was for Harry in suspense.
Thoughts about Molly did not want to leave his head.
All wrote off his not talkativeness on his depression after the war.
All but not Molly.
She guessed what thoughts were in Harry’s head.
And mentally rubbed her hands.
And she was surprised to notice that she herself was excited by such a game.
Her panties are already slightly moistened.
And the nipples are slightly swollen.
Finally, when the dinner was over, Arthur spent the moth, he was on night duty at the Ministry of Magic.
Gathering him a snack, she said goodbye to her husband and he transformed.
Returning to the house and tidying up the kitchen, she again reached out to the charms of the house keeper.
And I was surprised to realize that the toilet was now occupied not by Harry, but by her daughter.
However, judging

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by the response, she did the same thing as Harry had previously.
And my girl has already grown up – she thought to herself.
“Although I’ve already slept with Arthur at her age.”
Molly swept the pleasant memories of youth.
When her husband could not like now, one miserable time, but a lot with feeling, really.
And even though he had lost interest in sex, Molly felt differently.
She wanted, as before, to catch an orgasm for an orgasm.
Feel welcome.
As when she first slept with her first child, Bill.
Or depraved, not restrained, even slightly dirty, when she seduced her sons Gemini.
But one has already gone out of her life, and the second will not be the same without his half.
Remembering her pleasant moments in the sexual life, moths did not notice how time flew by.
Rising from the memories of her last time with the twins, when she decided to double penetration, she set aside a glass of sherry, and rose, deciding to proceed.
Climbing up to the second floor and passing by the shower, Molly suddenly felt an inexplicable surge of excitement.
Her bosom was abundantly soaked, directly wetting her panties, and her nipples on her chest hardened and bristled through the fabric of a simple home dress. Pornstar webcam show.

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