Private double anal.

Private double anal.
I: Ah! – found out? HE: Damn, – Seryoga! Is he also a nudist !? I: With the experience.
HE: I never would have thought about him.
I: And about us? HE: Oh, about you, damn, all the more! You have Irka touchy still the same! Who could.

I: Oh, come on, impatiens! Why? An ordinary woman, like everyone else.
HE: Beautiful !! I agree.
HE: And without clothes even more beautiful! I: This is what? HE: Well.
I: Yes, good for you – children, or what!? HE: You’re right, Dimych.
– Pour it, huh? And then, indeed, this does not go dry.
I: Be healthy! He is not.
– Give for your Irku! And for her beauty !! I: For it is always ready! HE: Good! But Irka.
I: And what, Irka? HE: Well, well done she! Do not hesitate to show your pictures in negligee.
I: And who told you that she is not shy? Or do you think she knows, like, that now Igor will come to us, and we will watch our erotic photos? HE: So she ?.
I: Not in the know, of course! This is my initiative, you know.
Unless, of course, you do not mind.
HE: Are you kidding !? How can I be against this? Pour it.
I: But who knows you? – We see something not often.
Flinched? HE: Wow !! Well gone.
And this is who shot you? I: Seryoga shot.
Why? HE: Listen, and Irka is nothing, like, that outsiders photograph her naked? Me: Well, not such outsiders.
Yes, and with me it’s all.
So that.
At first, however, embarrassed.
And I didn’t really want to undress on the beach.
The first time we even escaped from the beach, so it was a shame to her! HE: Seriously !? “Why didn’t she like it?” What is everyone looking at her? Me: No, and here “look”? Most around him the men naked to watch, too, you know.
Yes, all this with her husband! Do not look, because it will not work.
HE: You must be right.

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And then? I: I’m used to it.
D and the company on the beach is normal.
The people are adequate.
HE: And I, that, – inadequate? I could tell everything for a long time.
I: Yes, this is Irka shy.
And I have long wanted to boast photos.
And show, especially, and no one.
You understand.
And on the other hand, not to show them in 60 years, right? HE: Of course! What are you doing? – To hide such beauty from friends! I’m! Look, the home series has gone.
HE: Cool! It turned out well.
I agree.
One more, maybe? HE: Sure! – Fine.
Oh, and are you here !? Me: Irka also likes to feel himself a master sometimes.
Like her.
HE: I see you like it too! Me: And you, you think, would not get excited when a naked woman shoots you naked? HE: I? I do not even know.
I have not tried.
I would have turned

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off, probably! I: Well, here’s your answer! “I always do that too.”
HE: Well, it’s a sin with such a woman, you know, not to end up! Y! – Beautifully sitting! Me: Yes, I also like it when a woman has something to show! HE: That’s for sure! Your Irishka has something to show.
And if she comes back now, what will you tell her? Do not kill us? Me: No, she never returns from these gatherings early, but I told you.
HE: You know better.
Oh – this is also beautiful! I: Well, actually, everything is normal.
Just like everyone else.
HE: Uh, no, my friend! It’s one thing to look at the Internet marshes, another when you see the wife of your best chum! After all, I already know how many years Irku is! I couldn’t even imagine that I could ever see her without clothes.
I: And so? HE: Damn !!! Warn it is necessary! I: So I warned.
HE: What?! – What is she so legs spread apart!?!? Me: What’s wrong with what you have not seen between the legs of other women, eh? HE: Don’t scoff, Dimych! “She has everything shaved there, and my pants will burst soon.”
I: So like that shaved!? Yes? And to the touch, imagine what it is!? – I also have pants burst! So, you’re not the only one.
HE: Do you have something to burst? You, probably, not the first time these photos look.
Me: In such a company – the first.
In general, no one has seen these pictures, except Seryoga.
So, honestly, an unusually little.
HE: What “though”? I: Well.
I would probably like it more if all these pictures were shown to you by Irka herself instead of me.
HE: What are you, Dimych, laughing, – I could not! I: Why? HE: And how do you imagine IT, friend !? – We sit down with your wife and start her erotic pictures of her to watch? I: Well, yes! Private double anal.

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