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I dipped my anus with saliva and burned my cock.
() He got out of bed, lifting me up easily and holding onto the weight with pleasure began to fuck me in the ass.
At the same time, he did not stop jerking my cock, bursting with pleasure, member.

He spit me like a fluff, holding on to the weight.
His little dick easily entered me and gave me great pleasure.
We finished at the same time.
And at that moment I was facing him and finished off all his chest and stomach.
Waking up from the orgasm, he disdainfully examined

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himself and ran into the bath to clean up.
While he was gone, I had already managed to get dressed.
– Well, I understand what it is to be blue? – I asked him when he left the bathroom.
– Nothing special.
Soon the relatives will come, we must say goodbye.
Near the door, I asked, grinning, “And kiss goodbye?” He laughed and, slamming my bottom, pulled me out of the apartment.
I did not even say thanks, brat.
– Fresh mountain air! Beautiful views! Great company! – friends invited me on this trip.
They regularly traveled to their own mountains.
This time the company did not meet and remembered me.
I’m not that bad companion, but apparently a certain detachment is felt.
But I succumbed and here I am.
The mountains are really beautiful, the views are really wonderful and the air has not let up.
I diligently climbed the local peaks, rode horses and rafting on rafts with everyone.
He laughed at their vulgar jokes and, along with everyone, criticized the asses of the local girls.

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I did quite well, but I was constantly haunted by a completely wild desire.
And here I will go to the reasons why they called me last – I was just afraid to communicate with friends.
I was afraid, because I didn’t want friendly hugs, but impudent hands on my ass, I wanted to be put on my knees and fucked in the mouth at the full length of the penis. In my dreams, my friends pulled me in the ass in a circle, ending in my mouth, so that cum in the pope did not interfere with the following.
Needless to say that I went crazy on this trip.
Every day, to see the object of lust and be afraid to even ask something extra, so as not to give a desire.
I have never experienced male attention.
Whether the modesty is built in or the kind of over-educated botanist, but no one in the stairwell or in the bus has ever bothered me anywhere, did not touch the ass and did not make ambiguous hints.
All my experience consisted only in very rare games with a small-sized artificial member which I carefully hid and hid from home.
That memorable evening I was asked to go borrow a bottle of wine from our new neighbors.
Neighbors were unusual – a married couple aged and their friend.
Their appearance immediately caused a lot of jokes about their pastime and interests.
However, the neighbors were not noisy, ran briskly through the local mountains, rarely caught our eye, and eventually we just stopped discussing them.
I went down to the first floor and without thinking twice knocked on their door.
The door was opened by that friend.
“What do you owe?” On the threshold, there was a not-so-old man.
Age gave out only gray hair.
It is not currently flabby male torso, hairy chest, very small tummy.
The only item of clothing on it – short shorts, which – oh, my God! – was clearly visible member of the hill.
I hesitated a little and when I looked up, I saw that he was looking at me, quite amusedly, looking straight into my eyes.
– What is required, young man? – he repeated, not taking his eyes off me. – I am your neighbor from above, if you can ask for a bottle of wine until tomorrow, otherwise the shops are already closed.
– I whispered in a slightly shaky voice.
– Well, of course, no problem, come through – he opened the door wider and gestured to enter. Real amateur cam sex.

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