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“You are a dirty pervert, Yana,” she said, “I lower you lower and lower, and you dream of falling even lower.”
Once, Mrs. Olga came to visit us again, and only then I realized that she was specially invited by Marina to cheer me up.
I went out to Olga and, as it seemed to me, she was not in the spirit.

Nodding coldly to me, the girls retired to the kitchen.
I was followed by them, but Marina pshiknula so that I do not interfere.
I am disappointed.
Finally they entered the room, at that moment I was sitting at the computer.
“How glad I am to see you, Madam Olga !,” I got up from the table and went to her for a meeting with arms outstretched and beaming.
But Mrs. Olga did not smile back.
– Yanochka, Lady is not so welcome.
Not at all, ”she said in an icy voice, and it was obvious that she could barely restrain herself from not going to cry.

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Then it dawned on me that I was standing on my feet, not on my knees, and my legs buckled by themselves, I realized that I had blundered.
On my knees, I crawled to Olga, mumbling an apology.
Marina froze, watching with interest what will happen next.
Mrs. Olga did not move until I finally jumped to her feet and began to kiss her shoes.
– Muzzle to the floor, ass higher – Olga said shortly.
I looked at Marina, looking for support from her, but immediately received a slap in the face.
– You, that bitch, did not hear what you ordered?! – I have never seen such a Marina.
so rude and so domineering, strong and ruthless.
I realized that I always wanted this.
He wanted me to be treated like this, roughly, like a slave, so that I could be commanded.
Because it is easier to execute commands and easier to please.

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For Marina, I became a sexual toy, but at the same time we had mutual pleasure.
Until now, I had little thought that such as I should think less about myself – and more pleasure from my Mistress.
– Where is your collar, bitch ?.
You must wear a collar! Marina, you pamper her, you need to keep her on a leash, like a dog.
– Yes, you are right, I indulge, sometimes, you see this creature even got out of hand.
I bought her a collar, – Marina loudly and painfully whipped me on the ass, – quickly, bitch, on all fours for him, bring in my teeth.
I quickly crawled into another room, and soon returned, holding the collar in my teeth.
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