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They were shaking in a simultaneous orgasm, Fabi’s sphincter eagerly squeezed and pulsed around the mistress’s strap-on.
Jeanne, not taking out the strap-on, lay with her breast pressed against the back of her bitch and breathed deeply.
A little later, she unbuckled the belts on Fabi’s wrists, and she turned over and did not take out the member from her ass fucked and found herself under her in the classical position.

She wrapped her legs in her mistress and they merged in a long and tender kiss.
“You are the nicest and lustful slut I’ve had,” said Joan.

That evening, Max did not disturb them with his presence and silently.
shut the door.
Jeanne and Fabi were already sitting at the big table and discussing something vigorously.
Through the huge stained-glass windows in, bright sunshine penetrated, and he had a festive and cheerful mood from him, even a gloomy and dark castle seemed to come alive before such bright winter rays.
– Well, how did you sleep in the mountain air? – asked Jeanne, and shifted in the wrought-iron chair.
– Slept normally, except that the noise from the next room interfered.

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Fabi shyly lowered her eyes, sat comfortably on a high leather armchair with massive legs, and smiled guiltily, and Jeanne pretended not to hear anything.
“I brought this bitch with me, her name is Fabi,” Jeanne originally presented her companion.
– We had a long correspondence with her on the Internet, and I liked this copy, I think, and you will like it.
She has a rich imagination and disposition of an unbroken filly.
I had to hide my surprise, but in my opinion Zhanna caught my disturbing look.
I assumed that this was a surprise, but in the course of Fabi nothing was told to Jeanne.
How did they meet? How did she get to Joan and didn’t tell me anything?
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