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“Well, of course they did, as you think, without an enema, in my opinion, more than one child has not grown up,” Mom confirmed.
“And who did you?” “Basically, my mother, sometimes grandmother, my mother’s mother, now she has already died.”
“Did you resist?” , continued to pry Vasya.

“When I was little, yes, I resisted, and then I grew older, I got smarter and I stopped resisting,” Mom explained.
“And how did they do to you – also lying on their side?” “It seems that yes, at least I don’t remember another pose.
Perhaps, when I was still quite small, they were laid back as I was of you. ”
“Why aren’t big kids laid on their backs?” , the boy could not calm down.
“Sometimes they put it, especially if the child’s leg is broken and he cannot turn on his side.
But on the side of the enema most often, probably because it is easier to keep the child, but children, as a rule, are afraid of an enema and often resist during its implementation. ”
“I do not resist,” Vasya objected.
“Yes, in this respect you are well done, son. Sex full film online.

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