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Then I felt the cool touch of Vaseline on my hole and my uncle’s finger, gently massaging my anus outside.
It was very pleasant, but at the same time I felt a great confusion and shame.
Following this sensation came another sensation – something cold, slippery, glass slipped into my anus, slipped somehow easily and without resistance.

I guessed that it was my uncle who introduced a thermometer, and turning his head and squinting, I tried to make sure that the guess was correct.
Seeing my ass with a glass thermometer sticking out of it by a third, I suddenly experienced arousal.
My dick half rose, and I was very confused by this circumstance.
At the same time, I was glad that I was lying on my side, back to my uncle, and he did not see my erection.
Otherwise, I would be even more confused.
My thoughts ran at the speed of the train, and I experienced some strange excitement, languor inside.
The long-forgotten sensations of the time when the temperature in my ass was measured for the last time, surfaced again in me. Sex video india online.

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