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They, with fear in their eyes, came to the devil and immediately received a strong slap in the face.
The blonde covered her face with her hands, and the red-haired woman, not keeping herself on her feet, fell on the pavement, tears began to dim in her eyes.
The devil went to the redhead and took her hair, wound them on his hand, his cock was in front of her face.

– Still have time to cry, bitch.
Suck, come on, he hissed and pulled the redhead towards him.
The redhead did not lose a single second, realizing that while she got off easily, she quickly got up on her knees to start professionally jerking off a rising member, licking it from all sides.
She tried, trying to please.
Eagerly clasping his dick up lips, hurriedly squatting at full length and looking up to the line with tear-stained eyes.
Along the way, lowering the panties to the knees – it was necessary to suck without panties, everyone knew that.
– And what do you need a separate invitation? – the devil unkindly looked at the blonde.
And that, immediately removing the thong and leaving them close, joined the redhead, starting a competition for a member.
She licked eggs and dick at the very base, trying to rub the breast against the leg of the devil.
Crouching and putting his hands on his bare ass, and pushing the buttocks on which were still visible traces of the recent whipping.

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“There was a complaint about these two beasts,” the devil glanced around at the girls remaining in the line.
– We’ll have to do today their education, to remember, they stay here.
The rest of the disperse the posts.
The devil, with all the power of the backlash, slashed a redhead on the ass with a whip, which caused tears to spill from her eyes, and suffering appeared on her face, she involuntarily wagged her whole body, but did not make a sound.
He began to show alternately with a whip on the girls who stood, saying which of them will be at what post today and what number.
Among the other girls in the ranks stood Anka.
She had been in Hell for a year, and forever was ahead.
After six months of filming in porn for the central channels of hell, she was sent to street whores – a group of free prostitutes intended to serve ordinary passers-by.
And it was not the worst option actually.
Sex in hell was one of the main attributes, along with pain.
Today she was to be number one in the second post, which was located near a local popular bar.
The second number she got a petite brunette Katka, standing next to.
– So, all appointed, fled! – the devil commanded.
And the girls rushed to the loose, trying to quickly take the designated places, any delay in hell was severely punished

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Anka, finally, in passing, looked askance at these two bitches – a blonde with a redhead, who continued, squirming, with eagerness to suck the dick.
Today, they definitely will not be good, this could be no doubt.
And this is good! Do not greet them, greet someone else.
Ahead appeared a bar, a wide squat structure, lined with flat stone, standing in the middle of a small square.
There were almost no people around, it was the morning hours, according to the internal routine of hell. Sexy cam asian.

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