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Moaning and my Archil.
Happiness lasted less than a minute.
Unable to withstand the passion, Archil shot me in the throat.

I swallowed and gratefully licked his dick from the thick sticky sperm.
Trying to please me, I crawled on his knees behind his back, spread my hairy buns apart, and kissed his point lustfully.

It was seen out of the bathroom, naked Vaso.
– Lizka, come to me! I ran to him on all fours.
– Yes, master.
“Lick, bitch, point,” he said and became cancer.
I clung to his ass.
At first, I kissed her halves and took my tongue from eggs to the back, then I spread my ass and began to diligently lap the point.
The hole moved under my kisses.
I sucked her, licked, trying not to strain the tongue so that the man would be more pleasant to his touch.
Finally, I folded my tongue with a straw, stuck it in Vasco’s ass and began to fuck him passionately with my tongue.
Vaso trembled, finished on the floor and ordered to lick the sperm.
I was still dressed.
Naked Georgians took me by the arms and led me to the bathroom.
– Undress.

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I undressed and got into the shower.
– Fuck, what a cool ass, – said Vaso.
“Sachas are going to fuck,” Archil said.
– Let’s sdelaem what Mashke? Without waiting for Archil’s answer, Vaso ordered me to kneel in the bathroom.
I obediently executed the order.
Vaso inserted into his mouth not a standing member and said: – You will release the cock from your mouth, I will no longer pussy with my hands.
Understand the creature? I understood and nodded my head, trying not to let the dick out.
From my dick for the cheek emerged the first stream of urine.
I burst into tears, but did not release the dick.
Vaso poured into my mouth and forced me to swallow the golden rain.
The jet beat hotly in my throat.
Archil stood at the side and began to piss on my face, urine mixed with tears.
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