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When he came out onto the veranda, he understood why the doors didn’t slam, there was a passage in the partition between the apartments, which was either boarded up or filled with something, but now the entrance was blocked by a bright calico curtain invitingly inside.
Inside the girls in bathing suits were in the kitchen and greeted him with smiles.
Oksana kissed him on the cheek on the one hand, and Lariska, not wanting to lag behind, on the other.

Oleg, wanting to smooth over yesterday’s misunderstanding, patted them both on the ass, and he lingered on Larisa, as she was wearing thongs and the priest was practically open.
Larisa blushed slightly.
“Do not blush, everything is fine,” Oksana cheered up her friend when Oleg came out of the kitchen, “Why did you scream yesterday, like mad?” – when? – When with Oleg was.
– Yes, he did it again.
– What is it”? Finger inserted in the ass? – Yes.
It just knocks me down on sensations.
– Have you ever had anal sex? – No, Andrei tried it once, but all desire was beaten off, it hurts.
– This is due to ignorance and inability.
– Have you tried? – I’ll tell you a secret, I had one hot guy at the institute, Gurgen.
Thanks to him and the girl stayed and poyfifal for glory.
He protected me, said that he would be lucky in the mountains, and there his father would kill, if not a girl.
And not what tricks will not help.
And I wanted sex.
That taught me a blow job and in the ass.
– And you loved him? – Lariska, I was a provincial girl then and, of course, I wouldn’t do it, but they, mountaineers, can care for them.
– And I have Andryukha the only one.
– Yes, not counting my Oleg.
– Oksan, well, I’m talking about love.
The conversation of women was interrupted by incoming Andrew with a package in his hands.

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Trusting them to disassemble the purchase, he went into the room.
Having greeted Oleg, they started a conversation that meant nothing.
When the breakfast was ready, the women laid the table, Andrei poured out the wine, and they were not conspiring to drink.
And Oleg said a toast: “Well, for us”! All, of course, understood what was going on.
Oksana, pleased that Oleg had departed from yesterday, began to tell some kind of anecdote.
Everyone was laughing, joking.
A single desire began to hover in the air.
Andrei suddenly suggested: “Damn, I forgot, the French gave me a new cassette, a porno” and inserted the cassette into the video recorder and pressed the playback.
The film was very different from the previously seen pornography, there was a high-quality translation, the story dealt with two pairs, which.
In general, a similar situation.
In the twilight, the windows were curtained with thick curtains, the guys sat on the sofa.
Oleg was playing with his spouse’s straight hair and, by the corner of his eye, saw the next couple kiss and Andrei, freeing Larissa’s breasts from the top of a bathing suit, caressing her nipple with a finger.
Oksana groped her husband’s dick and squeezed it lightly with her hand, then unzipped her shorts, took out the dick and began to caress him with her hand.
Oleg, bending her head down, stroking her hair, as if he asked her husband to caress his mouth.
Oksana sucked the head of the penis and twisted her tongue inside.
Oleg, turning to Larisa, pulled her to himself and dug into his mouth with a long kiss.
(To be continued)
The Seventh Fant – My young friend, – he turned to Alexei, – I give the right of the first fantasy to you! Ivan warmly looked at the young man and handed him a note.
– Read for yourself! -This fanta fuck any man from among those present by choice! – read Alex, and in my head I missed the idea that Ivan would not have made this fantasy all the same, fraudulently changing the note to the right one and giving it to Alexey.
Of course, he waited for Alexey to choose him.
But the guy, embarrassed smile, turned to my husband.
– I would like to do this with you: Ivan almost cried from the offense, but quite quickly he pulled himself together and happily smiling, went to the sofa where Boris, Sasha and Olesya were sitting.
He quickly wedged in between the men

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, and when Olesya squealed that she was crushed, he suggested that she move to his knees.
-Go here, dear: Oh! Yes, you again without panties, what a pleasure.
– He straightened Olesina skirt so that she covered their legs and began to hastily fussing around under her. Teen squirt on cam.

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