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I lay on my back, and Beka turned his head to himself and began to quietly explain something. He completely turned around, that for Sergey there was my backwards bulging back.
I did not notice when he lowered his pants and rested in the ass to his members.
Raising his head to look back at him, I froze, he said that I lay quietly, and then everyone will hear what’s going on here.

Let me so little do not be afraid not to stick in just from the top I will indulge, and then the sperm from the ears falls, Zheka also asked for him and let him be a little indulged because you won’t return what happened and they don’t want anyone to say anything to Serge.
Serega slowly rested his penis strongly but did not drive back and then the shocks accelerated and at the end I felt how slowly he stuck my head into me and the penis began to twitch.
After lying down, I removed my ass. I went out and turned back on my back and asked why he pulled the ass and he told me. Well, turn around and see how there, gynecologist crap.
Turning the ass to him, he slightly insulted and then said that from our fucking with Seryoga he overexcited and I will have to suffer a little more.
I didn’t even have time to say how already his dick rested on my butt first talchek outside and the second so slow that I felt that the head came in thinking this would finish even faster, so there isn’t his dick after a little pause continued my way slowly into my ass I wanted to raise my head in his direction. With his hand on his shoulder, everything is fine, and the member accelerated the movement. He came in freely for Segherin’s good.

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There was no pain as such, maybe vodka played its own and maybe their experience in such matters affected him more so that no one could hear anything or someone at that time came to us, although everything was going on under a blanket.
But first, I asked for a toilet because so much sperm my ass could not stand.
Then they persuaded me that I immediately did the two of us a pleasure so we quickly go to bed.
And by the morning they explained to me that such what I got up they could not leave me so that I was with everyone and in the hut they announced that there was a replenishment of the rooster who were looking at me already as they were on their new toy others were surprised with some fear so that they did not take it into account.
They told the rooster so that he would keep me informed and help me to wash away, and then from the first time I can and will not cope.
By the way, his name was Oleg then later there how much I was he was my friend.
At that time, I only dreamed that my parents would try to get me out of here, the court sentenced me conditionally to

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the good of the parents, and the lawyer tried.
And after a couple of months I was already thinking about whether it was worth getting out of prison, and even those guys were not enough for me.
If you are sent for the winter holidays to a country camp, and this is only for two weeks of rest from tedious schoolwork, it means that parents really are not up to you.
The camp is almost empty and there are only two of us in the room.
Slavik is also in the seventh grade and we quickly discovered a lot of common interests with him.
We hang out with him around the camp and discuss a variety of topics.
Time flows slowly, and for dinner on the street is completely dark.
We return to our room, I undress, take a book and fall into bed.
Slavka pulls out some kind of magazine and also gets more comfortable.
However, having scrolled through several pages, he again jumps up and takes out a notebook and pencils from his backpack. Unsimulated sex films online.

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