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I felt how she leads them in a circle, how she penetrates me, and from pleasure she forgot everything in the world.
She continued to caress me, gently nibbling my buttocks, licking the crotch, her hands stroking my back through the satin of the dress, even squeezing my chest.
I was completely forgotten, almost dead from the pleasure of a member of Andrew in the mouth.

In the end, Andrew could not stand it and said to me: – I see, do you like women’s affection more?
He slept, slept treacherously, I wanted him to wake up, but at the same time I was afraid of it, terribly afraid and when he moved I almost screamed and did not jump off the bed.
He rolled onto his back, as if he knew what I needed, without thinking for a long time, I stooped and kissed his penis, and then again and again, I could not stop, and as a professional prostitute took him in her mouth and pressed her lips with his lips.
I never took the penis of my husband in my mouth, I was ashamed of how I would look into his eyes, but not now.
Edmond slept and slept soundly, his brain slept, but not his body, in my hands his penis became hard, he grew and continued to grow, in a minute he did not fit in my hand, I could not embrace him and was afraid to even think what he is huge and fat, but it intrigued me.
I read and heard from my friends that the blacks have big cocks, but I didn’t expect that they were not so huge, I was even scared and now I wanted him not to wake up.
I continued to caress him with my lips, but he no longer fit in my mouth, I was afraid to hurt him and just began to lick him.
If anyone saw me now, I thought that I was a whore, but I was now a whore, a depraved and lustful whore, a cheating wife, with one desire to sit on this huge stake of the male.

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I threw my leg over him, slightly rose to my feet, took his penis and holding it with my fingers began to lower my body on him.
The head touched my swollen jaws, I froze, tried to push my lips wide apart with one hand, but it didn’t succeed, I sat down a little, it wasn’t comfortable, my legs started to tremble a little, I couldn’t stand it for so long.
In the groin, everything drove from a premonition, I sat down, the head stuck in the lips, even slightly lowered the body.
The head rested, and now I could and the penis could not fall anywhere, I could calmly spread my lips together with both hands and sit down at the same time.
– O: – I squeezed out of myself.
From what I said scared and froze, his cock shuddered and seemed to continue to look for a way into my female, hungry womb.
Having plucked up courage, I began to squat.
– Ay: – I whispered.
As far as he was huge, I felt it with all my body, sinking lower and lower, he slowly moved my flesh apart, at some point I was afraid for myself, but did not stop and continued to

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descend allowing it to go deeper and deeper .
It was not torture, but pleasure, I felt him, felt wide-open lips, I felt in my gut, somewhere in the depths of myself, and the further he was absorbed by me the more I wanted it.
I went down slowly and for a long time, but it was worth it, I don’t know why, but I felt triumph, joy and just female joy from being able to let it in me.
He went all over and stuck inside me somewhere inside, but I didn’t feel pain, surprisingly, he went all in, for a moment I was surprised by this, and then I slightly raised my hips and lowered.
– Aaaa: – restraining myself, I whispered.
Inside everything was burning, my chest was burning, and my nipples ached from the strain, I stood up and sank.
– Oh mommy: – I said in a whisper, I was already wondering whether he would wake up or not.
I did my dance slowly, it was easier to climb, but sitting on his penis was still not that difficult, but very weary, all my nerves were tense, they rang like glass, and I tried not to break anything.
And yet I sometimes did not restrain myself and it was like a volcano, an explosion and an eruption, then a lull, and again an explosion and an eruption.
I do not remember when it started, but it seemed that the sperm was all flowing and flowing into me, everything inside my stomach swelled, swelled, as soon as I moved a little, how the next eruption began.
And I liked it terribly, I lifted my hips, for another moment I froze and fell, a huge pump threw out another portion of white, thick, sticky, animal-like smell, liquid. Usa sex cam.

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