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Video chat bongacams. His hands turned out to be unexpectedly strong, and before I could open my mouth, I was literally strung on a member already standing with a stake.
While I was sucking, the old man began to tear at me clothes.
He brought up his panties to his face and started kissing them while stroking my ass.
– Here it is, your whole essence! – He burned more and more.

“Look at these innocents, at these white panties of a meek lamb!” How dare you vulgarize this symbol of innocence with your fucking dick, you bitch! Suck on even bigger dick, absorb his sin to the last drop, and I, as a true believer, will help you! What did this help consist of? in the ass.
He only gasped, apparently this did not happen the first time, and continued methodically to fuck me, just tweaking to the rhythm of his uncle.
Now it turned out that Albert fucked me in the mouth, using a member of the Negro for this.
At the same time, he continued to shout something about grateful sheep and a wise shepherd, while at the same time without ceasing to naguly paw the Negro by the eggs and unscrew his nipples.
And then I finally understood.
Under no high he was not.
Simply, he and the Negro were directly connected to the live telepresence channel, and everything that happened was nothing more than a live broadcast for a sect, with me in the role of a lost lamb.
It is likely that my emotions are also scanned and transmitted to invisible viewers, from among those who want to try on the role of a sinner.
I wonder how many thousands of people are now sticking my cock in my mouth, drooling in their sensors? Video chat bongacams.

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