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They tell in different ways.
Here I remember, a young wolf with enthusiastic eyes howled at the moon on the night of his first frankness, and the whole world listened to the pride that filled his partner.
He talked about the taste of her divine, about the fiery look, about the strength of his, bestowed by her! And he was happy – and those who are gifted with whom he is not yet familiar will be happy.

And if you happen to grow up in ignorance, and you may not find a partner like that and the whole life may not be enough to find in yourself that beautiful thing that has not been revealed! And it’s good if on the way you meet a strong partner who will help you, if luck or chance will help you to reveal yourself.
Here was one already elderly wolf.
He lived quietly and happily.
He loved to eat, and his life partner was always there.
Everything is quiet and happy.
All, yes, not all.
Tosca was in his eyes.
Though he knew that already a good half of his years, released from above, had lived, but the soul was not calm.
He was bored.
He believed that he himself was a useless partner, but still dreams did not leave him.
And then came the day, came His Majesty the case! And he did not know this until he tasted! And everything exploded inside! And there are no barriers left.
And life was rediscovered, and he did not remember about his faithful partner, that he had been sharing his den all his years.
True, but alas, tasteless! So how to be! Still can pall! Get bored! Here, for example, what do you like? BUT:.
So, if you began to regale your favorite dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What do you think? Would you like it? Not! This is where you are wrong! That is the art! Mastery to open and open! Mastery Games! Many people ask – can we learn this? Yes, definitely! But where? When!? All life in front of you – go for it! Leave embarrassment and shyness aside, save them for other activities and experience the taste of joy.

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June 1999
I sit and gorally songs.
Not because I’m sad, no, I just want to fill in something with the emptiness that was formed after you left.
just gone.
No, not from my heart.
There always lives your smile and your happy voice.
That you will remain for me.
How much different in us, it would seem, what can two completely different people do together? Paradox? Why

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did you choose me? Why are you playing with me? This will forever close the door to my heart to those who want to get me closer.
I can not so rashly open more.
No, no, I do not regret that you became close to me.
I wouldn’t regret telling you so much.
Never say bad about you.
If I could start all over again, I would leave everything as is.
In addition to the last, I’m sorry.
I was so afraid of losing you all this time.
That’s probably why I took care of you too much, annoying you.
Easy to talk about, looking back.
Learn from mistakes.
Try to forget by starting something new.
Not for me.
I will also knock on the closed door, just will not trust people.
I will learn again and again.
on mistakes.
their own.
I can do a lot, I will have a lot of time.
There will not be only one thing – happiness.
My heart aches with joy and anxiety when I hear your name.
It is to me like a whisper of your body, like the scent of your hair.
It awakens memories, caresses the ear.
I close my eyes, see you.
Hello, love.
Do not go, wait.
Your image is quietly melting, my brain can not hold you for a long time, the outlines disappear, I open my eyes.
I look around and do not believe, so bright was the vision.
Consciousness slowly returns, I am with him and empty reality.
Peace is fair to those who deserve it.
Probably something was in my so short life of such, because of what I lose such people close to me.
Wrong step, spoken word.
What? Help me understand? You’re breaking up with me.
Everything happens again and again.
My favorite people are leaving.
Someone in another heart, someone in eternity.
Vicious circle.
I am only 25, although I so want to say that already.
I can do a lot.
I know enough to live on.
Let your heart belong to a worthy person.
Mine belongs to you.
Please rely on me in difficult times.
Let me know if you need help.
Call me if it is sad, if you need a strong shoulder of a man who will never betray and not give up, saving his skin. Web cameras for nassau bahamas.

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