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Hi everybody! I want to tell a story that happened to my friend Vovan a couple of years ago.
At that time, a friend worked in the same legal company, went to organizations every week, updated it.
It was during one of these visits that this incident happened to him in the prosecutor’s office of a single small town.

Perhaps I’ll start.
Coming, as usual, to the client by updating the system, asking if there are any questions (the version was networked).
The secretary answered that there were no questions (the main program for the network was on her computer), but Sabrina would like to see you, she has questions for you.
Vova answered

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clearly and went to the office to Sabrina.
Having knocked, having come into an office to Sabrina.
He asked, “I was told you want to see me,” to which Sabrina replied, “Yes, Tonya (that was the name of the secretary) said everything right to me to you, Vladimir, one member question you have, how long?” This question is understandable, my friend was slightly taken aback and did not know what to say.
After all, this is the prosecutor’s office, and in front of you is the assistant prosecutor.
And while he was melting, he was thinking about what to say.
Sabrina got up from the table at this time, walked around him and stood behind Vova and put her hands on his belt – “I said now I’ll see myself.” Her hands quickly found the buckle on his jeans and just as quickly unbuttoned it and after a second the jeans lay on floor near his feet.
Then she walked around him, standing up to face him, she sat down on a chair, in front of stunned Vovan, and saying yes a good knob stretched out her hand and, touching his member, started massaging him through melting and not much massaging him, she pulled them off him, and , taking his mouth still sluggish member, but promising, began to suck it.

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Periodically, she pulled him out of her mouth and pushed the skin away with her hand and licked the head and swallowed it again to the very eggs.
Then, making sure that the member had already reached the desired hardness and length, she let it out from behind her mouth, got up from the chair and walked around it, sat down in her place, opened the drawer and pulled out a ruler from there, and again going around the table, she went to Vova and, dropping to her knees and putting one end of the ruler to his eggs, and the other to the head of the penis said – “your mother is 26 himself and this is without eggs, but how many will be with the eggs, having said this, she lowered the ruler below and added, and with the eggs in general 28 cm
Her thoughtfulness was interrupted by Vova, I understand everything, but if you don’t take my cock in my mouth right now, I’ll finish, Sabrina, to your blouse.
Sabrina quickly awoke and swallowed this monster and began to massage her eggs with her left hand so that he could finish faster, when he began to finish she wanted to let him out of her mouth by half, but Vova snarled something, grabbed her head and pressed it to to his groin, so much so that her nose flattened against his pubis and when she began to gasp and scratch his hips after a couple of seconds, he let go of her head.
Sabrina, swallowing everything up to the drop, and releasing his limp member from her mouth, got up and, saying, sit on the chair, I have not finished with you yet.
Vova obediently sat on a chair, and Sabrina, kneeling down, began to lick his penis, paid special attention to the eggs, she carefully lifted them with her hand and put them in her mouth and sucked them for a long time and delightfully.
They were so forgotten that they forgot that the door is not closed, and behind this occupation they can be caught by anyone just like that, and it turned out that they did not hear a knock on the door, and how the door opened.
From this bliss, they were pulled out by the secretary Tonya, who went over to Sabrina for work, and when she saw her licking eggs did not find anything else, I also want to say the same. Webcam masturbation online.

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